Crochet Dragon Patterns and Amigurumi Story Round Up

Crochet Dragons and more,
The larger dragon, number 1 in the photo, is 18-20 inches tall depending on yarn and hook size used to make it. The smaller dragon, number 2 in the photo, is about half that size.

Patterns 2-5 are connected by short stories I wrote while I designed each one.

Pattern links,
1) Dragons in my Kitchen
2) Small But Mighty Dragon
3) The Girl
3a) Crown for the Girl
3b) Stone for the Sword (sword can be hidden inside then pulled out)
4) Grey Wizard
4a) The Wizard's Staff
5) Little Boy Knight

Amigurumi Stories:

When the inspiration hits me I will write a short story about the patterns (character) I am designing. Below is a list of those short stories involving all the patterns pictured. I hope you enjoy them!

Story about the bigger dragon

Dragons in my Kitchen (includes link at the bottom of story to marshmallow pattern)

Short Stories about the smaller dragon and his friends,
a) The Wizard Makes A Promise
b) A Girl And Her Dragon
c) The Wizard Keeps His Promise
d) Somebody To Save
e) The Girl And The Sword Of Wisdom

Having troubles naming your dragon or other characters?
My son came up with a great method of naming characters and he shared his secret with me. It has helped me out so much I had to share that method with you too!

How To Name Your Dragon

All images and text are Copyright Sharon Ojala ~ Amigurumi To Go


  1. I love your patterns, especially the smaller dragon pattern. Experimenting with different yarn and hook sizes is fun. For my favorite results, I used Dk.weight yarn and a C hook((2.75mm). He stands 6" tall.
    I made Derek Dragon for my son for on his desk at work.(One of my desktop buddies)
    I wanted to post Derek Dragon's picture but don't see where I can.


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