The Wizard Makes a Promise

The Wizard Meets The Dragon,
Early this morning I made some horns for the baby dragon but I've been too busy to sew them in. They've been pinned to his head for hours! Poor guy!
Ah, but this is life, and I have learned there is strength found in patience. It's good he learns this while he is young.
(Easy for me to say, I don't have horns pinned to my head!)

Anyway, let's get to the story, shall we?
I went into my craft room to get something and I heard the Grey Wizard call my name. I love talking with that guy so I was happy to go see what he wanted.
He said, "I see you have a little dragon on your table. Please, bring me to him."
I did just that.
The Wizard and the Dragon talked for a long time. I couldn't hear everything they said to each other but I did manage to overhear something pretty cool!
The Wizard asked if he has learned how to breath fire yet, the Dragon said he had not.

The promise,
"You are not fully formed yet. I see you need some work done, some parts need to be added here and there. Once you are fully formed, my boy, I will come back and teach you how to breath fire." With that said the Wizard left.

First things first,
The Dragon was very excited indeed. He asked me if it was true, would he really teach him how to breath fire? I told him yes, the Wizard always keeps his word! But first you have to get all your parts attached. Now let's sew those horns in, hold still...
To be continued.

UPDATE: The story continues here

Alright, enough with the story, are there patterns for these?
The Dragon pattern was released in parts as a crochet along, all links are in this post
The Wizard is a free pattern here. There's video tutorial for it too.