Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dragons In My Kitchen! ~ Free Pattern with Video Series

Happy Thursday friends!

Can I start by saying, "Whew!" I can't believe it, the pattern, parts and assembly post plus 14 videos are done! For a few days I thought I'd never get here but here I am! Yahoo!

You'll find all the links available to make this dragon right here on this page, maybe
bookmark it for easy finding later.

Part one: The Written pattern is here (the supplies list is in part one)
Part Two: Parts and assembly of parts here
Part Three: Assembly of the dragon here
Playlist of Videos that cover everything  here

Marshmallows and Fire,
Fire for Dragon is in the video playlist.
Marshmallow pattern is here

Size of Dragon:
Finished dragon using materials I've suggested will give you a dragon that's 16-18 inches tall.You can make it bigger by using a bulky yarn and bigger hook or smaller by using a lighter weight yarn and smaller hook.

A Video For Every Written Part:

The video series for the dragon will take you row by row of each and every part of the dragon. I show everything, I've left nothing out. Use what you need and skip past what you don't need. Print off the written pattern to follow along. I would strongly suggest watching the assembly of the head video and the assembly of the dragon video even if you know what you're doing.

How Much Yarn Is Needed:
The green dragon is made with Red Heart Comfort yarn Emerald 3233
The bluish looking one is Red Heart Comfort Yarn Peacock 3193
Red one is 2 rolls of Red Heart Super in Saver Cherry Red
The Comfort yarn comes in jumbo rolls. One of those rolls is more than enough to make one dragon

I hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed the pattern!  Post pictures on my facebook page Amigurumi Freely. Or post them on instagram with the hashtag #sharonojala. My ig ~>  Sharon_Ojala.

This pattern is free with the option to donate. Read more about donating or other ways you can support my blog here

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  1. Love them. Thank you!
    My granddaughter calls our great grandsons her Dragons. This will be great!

  2. Oh Sharon my husband saw the video of the dragon with the fire and marshmallow and he said: "Ohhh honey!!!, that's my Christmas gift!!!!"

  3. I have been looking forward to this so much. Checking everyday. Now the big question.... Which do I make first?! Thank you so much for these amazing patterns! I absolutely love them.

  4. These are awesome...thank you for sharing your
    pattern...very generous of you

  5. are both the dragon pattern the same or are they different please let me know cuz i don't want to print them both if they are the same thank you so much for all you do

    1. there's only one dragon pattern to print.

      There is one dragon with the option to make a face that's more sleepy or one that's more fierce, it will tell you in the written pattern once you get to the face parts which is which.

      The written pattern has a series of videos for each part if you ever get stuck, the link to that video series is in this post.

      Everything you need to make the dragon is linked in this post.

  6. I haven't even looked at your pattern yet, because I was taken by your wonderful dragons! They are amazing!

    - Momma Cat

  7. Okay my todo list just got longer, not that I mind when the result will be this wonderful. Thank You.

  8. I just now came across your dragon pattern, Sharon. Absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your patterns. They are great.

  9. Your dragons are gorgeous, Sharon!

  10. I have just finished your giraffe and my co-workers are amazed. I thought I'd leave my giraffe hair long- sort of a hippie giraffe. I shall try to post the picture.I am gifting this to our practice manager who is going to have a baby soon. Sex unknown, hence the giraffe. My next project is your gorgeous dragons. I LOVE DRAGONS!!!! can you make one of stormfly from 'How to train your dragons? or all of the dragons- that will truly amazing!! Thank you so much for being generous with your patterns. You are a truly amazing person.
    don't know how to use URL.

  11. These are amazing. I can't wait to make one. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns and videos. I'm sure you worked very hard putting this all together.

  12. Love these dragons! Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous patterns. We have a Family Reunion coming up and I plan on making a Dragon or two for the "Auction" we hold to raise funds for the next year's reunion. I think they will be a big hit!

  13. LOVE IT!!! Thank you for all the instructions on making and assembling!!
    Great kpb!!

  14. I love this so much- thank you

  15. Hi Sharon! Absolutely love your designs! So far i have made the teddy bear,the elephant, and the bigfoot lions!Sorry i am not able to show you any photos as i need to get a new phone with a better camera!Can't wait to try making these beautiful dragons next! :) was wondering if you would ever consider designing a chicken? as i would really love to make one for my sister? Or any other little birds that are not owls! Thankyou very much for all you have taught me! It;s only thanks to you that i have ben able to read and follow your patterns! I used to only be able to follow tutorials! :)

    1. thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.
      I don't have a chicken planned right now but maybe one day!
      Thanks for asking

  16. Thank you so much for this pattern. I just finished it. You are so talented. This was a very hard one for me and I thought at times I would not be able to finish it. This must have taken a lot of work and time. I donated to you and I hope all others will also.

  17. I am definitely going to be making these! They are amazing! You did an awesome job, and thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Hi, I'm in search of one of your patterns but can't seem to find it. It's a two headed dragon. Could you please direct me to the pattern for it?

    1. sorry, that pattern is not out yet. I was planning for it to be but got sick at the end of Sept and was hospitalized until Nov. I'm still recovering so it most likely will not be this year. Sorry!

  19. So sorry to hear about your illness hope all is better now... prayers going out for your health and wellness. Have a very happy holiday and a awesome new year! God bless you!

  20. Hello sorry to hear you were not well last year, hope you are better now. I am also looking forward to your two headed dragon as I love the big one, infact I enjoy all your patterns as they come out so well. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Thank you for your pattern, I made a blue and pink one. The blue one got first place in our local fair

  22. Merci pour vos partages et pour votre talent? Vous êtes une personne rare et précieuse, continuez à nous faire rêver.
    Votre dragon fait la joie de mes neveux, mes poignets sont douloureux au troisième dragon mais quel plaisir. Merci encore.

  23. I made the sleepy dragon and I love him so much. I was planning on giving him away, but instead I kept him and put him on my stereo in my living room. Everyone who comes in asks me where I got the dragon and I tell them that I made it and they are amazed.

  24. Dear Sharon,

    What an absolutely lovely dragon. There isn't such a lovely variety of crochet patterns in Spanish as there is in English or German, and I am trying hard to change this by contacting crochet designers like yourself.

    Both English and Spanish are my mother tongues and I have been living and working in Germany for 8 year as a translator: German to English and German to Spanish. Crocheting has been my passion since I was a child. I would very much like to translate this dragon pattern into Spanish. I would of course include, as you state,a direct link to your page.
    Looking forward to your answer
    Kind regards
    Betty Delgado


    1. where would the translation be posted? I clicked on your name but I don't see a blog or a website..


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