Somebody To Save ~ Next pattern release

The Little Boy Knight was wandering around the forest wishing he had somebody to save. He had just walked around a bend in the trail when he saw her..
OH my! She was the most beautiful girl he had ever saw!
She has hair as black as a raven. Her crown sparkled in the sun. There was something about her that made her extra beautiful...look at that dress.. she's beautiful! Yes! I will save her in her time of need. I will fight for her to the death!

Okay, okay.. he did think the same thing when he saw that other girl last year but her dragon was really annoying. Now back to this story.

But THIS girl! This girl was the most beautiful girl he had.....
What the...? Is that a dragon? 
Walking a bit further he could see everything more clearly now.
Nooooooo! What is it with these girls and dragons!

The little girl turned around and stared that boy right in the eye. It was like she heard all his thoughts.
"Yes, it is a dragon! Her name is Sairina. She sparkles in the sun just like my crown. You stay away from my dragon, Knight! I don't need you to save me!"

With that said the girl and her magical, sparkly dragon turned and walked away  leaving that poor boy standing there with his sword and shield and nobody to save..

Poor guy, keep trying. One day you will find somebody to save!

Pattern updates,
The girl's pattern will be posted by tomorrow, Jan 24th 2019.  I'm just editing and taking the pictures today . Soon it will be all yours.. and a crown too!

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