A Girl and Her Dragon

The Dragon,
A few days ago I introduced you to the Baby Dragon. He met the Grey Wizard who promised to teach him how to breath fire. If you missed that, go here. The Wizard pattern is already available for free.

Ever since that day the Dragon has been excited, waiting for the Wizard to return. He kept himself busy flying about looking for things to do and then he saw her!

The Girl,
She was daydreaming in a field of daisies. She had the most beautiful hair he had ever saw but more than that she had a way about her. 
The Dragon knew instantly she was the one. The one he would protect. She was everything to him.
He landed beside her and the ground shook. 
The girl lost her voice for a moment while she took in this magnificent beast standing in front of her. Was this a dream? Is there really a Dragon right there? The excitement grew inside her belly and she  let out a laugh. She knew right away that he was her friend.

She found her voice and asked him, "Do you breath fire?"
The Dragon said he did not, yet, but the Grey Wizard was coming soon to teach him how. "I will be a mighty Dragon then and I will protect you forever!"

A Knight in Shining Armor,
Before the girl could answer they both saw him. He was running towards them with sword and shield. He was yelling, "Get back, Dragon! Get away from that girl! I have come to save her. Here I am, girl! Your Knight in Shining Armor has come to save you!"
He was a brave boy indeed.

No Thank you,
The girl said, "Stop right there, Knight! I don't need you to save me. You stay away from my Dragon. He is my friend!"
With that said she jumped on the Dragon's back. They flew away together leaving that brave boy standing there with his sword and shield and nobody to save.

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The Dragon 
The Knight
The Girl

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