The Wizard's Staff

The Wizard and the Staff pattern,
This is the staff I made for my wizard. The wizard is a free crochet pattern here. There is a full video tutorial included. Keep reading this page for the Staff instructions.

Why not crochet the staff?
For 2 reasons:
1) It would be tedious for many to work in such small rounds.
2) This was a good excuse to promote my other youtube channel.

My other youtube channel,

I've been building a stump dollhouse for many years using basic household items. I came up with a process to make fake bark using foil, tape and paper towels back in 2013. I actually used to upload those videos to my crochet channel until I decided to give my dollhouse videos their own channel. I call that channel, "Where The Gnomes Live"

I'm building a forest in my craft room,

I've been building a very large Gnome home since 2014 called, Aunt Katri's Bed & Breakfast.
This year I've built a new tree that is 4 foot 7 with 31 rooms. I will be creating a new mouse family to live in it. One half of my craft room is all trees!

My other fb page, Where The Gnomes Live. I hope you stop by sometime and check it out.

Quick story,
My son comes into my craft room while I was filming the tutorial. He grabs Gandalf, places his little yarny hands on the edge of my table, drops him down so that just his face is looking at me, and says "Fly, you fools!"

The way he did it, I just about died laughing..

Now let's make that Wizard's Staff shall we..You will need:
aluminum foil
masking tape
tissue paper or paper towel
white glue
black paint
brown paint
beige or tan paint
1 bead, any color

A tip for displaying the staff

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  1. Do you have any other wonderfully creative patterns to go along with Gandalf? Other then the staff ofcourse. You are simply amazing.

  2. I don't, but thanks for asking.
    I actually just published this pattern yesterday and just got the video up for the staff last night..
    I'm not sure what I would make next other than a few more characters to go with him.
    We'll see what happens.I design as the inspiration hits me and most of the time I don't really have things planned ahead.

  3. Do you have an accessory for the Gnome? Thank you! I made TWO Gnomes! One for my daughter and one for myself. They are SOOOOO cute!!!

    1. no, I don't. Sorry! I just saw the gnomes and left comments for you there :)


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