The Girl And The Sword Of Wisdom

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The Sword In Stone,
One day Ari the Dragon and the Girl were flying around playing with the clouds when the Girl spotted something glittering on the ground. She told her Dragon to bring her closer to see what it was.

The Dragon landed right beside it and they could clearly see now what it was. There before them was a handle of a sword that was stuck inside a large stone. The sunlight  was dancing on the golden parts of the handle making it sparkle. This was very exciting. 

"Oh my!" said the girl, "It's so beautiful! But why is it stuck inside that large stone?"

Before the Dragon could offer his thoughts, and before she could take a closer look at it , that Boy Knight suddenly appeared again. He's always showing up at the wrong time.
The Girl didn't know that the Boy had too seen something glittering in the sun while he was walking through the forest and came to get a closer look.

"STOP!" yelled the Boy Knight, never taking his eyes of this glorious sword sticking up out of the stone  "That's mine! I uh.. I.. I  lost my sword, and there it is. Yes. That's my sword."

 The Girl was not convinced, in fact she giggled. "You lost your sword and there it is? lol You lost your sword inside a big stone, did you. I don't think that's the real story, is it Knight?"
The Boy didn't answer but the Dragon shook his head no, as if to answer for the boy.  He didn't believe the boy's story either.

The Wizard Arrives Right On Time,

Suddenly the Grey Wizard appeared there with them all. He seems to always show up at the right time! He told them that was the 'Sword of Wisdom'. It had been there for hundreds of years.
Many girls, boys, Knights, Kings and Queens had tried to pull it from the stone but it will not come out. The sword is waiting for a true heart, a  heart that desires wisdom more than power. Only when that true heart is found will the sword come out of the stone.

As he spoke those words the Girl felt a funny feeling in her heart. It felt like a gentle tug and like butterflies all at the same time. She felt drawn to the sword and was about to say something when the Boy Knight jumped forward..

The Boy tried and tried,
The Boy Knight ripped off his helmet, dropped his shield, ran at the stone and said, "It's me! I have a heart of wisdom. I want wisdom more than power!" He climbed to the top of stone,  grabbed the handle, and pulled up with all his might.
He grunted and pulled on the sword with all his might until his face turned all different shades of red. This struggle went on for a couple minutes until it was just too funny to watch! 
And the sword only went deeper into the stone.

Embarrassed and defeated,
The Boy Knight got off the stone knowing the sword will never come out of there. It was stuck forever. He put his helmet back on and picked up his shield. He was about to leave when the Girl climbed to the top of the stone and the boy laughed. "If it wouldn't come out for me, it definitely won't come out for a girl!"

She felt it in her heart,
She felt she was supposed to try even though she just watched the boy try and fail miserably. She felt something inside her heart as soon as her hands touched the handle.
It was joy she felt. She didn't even pull hard when the sword began to slide upwards, so smoothly, it was as if the stone was made of  butter.

Before she could even blink, or think, the Girl was holding the sword up in the air and everyone gasped. The Dragon let out a huge breath of fire, the boy's mouth fell open, and the Grey Wizard was overcome with joy.

It was her! She was the one the 'Sword of Wisdom' was waiting for. She was the one who desired wisdom more than power! The Wizard  knew there was something special about that Girl the very moment he laid eyes on her. be continued

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  1. You are something else! Love the story and I have made your wizzard and a couple others. As a matter of fact the first amigurimi I made was your rabbit. Why do you do this all for free?

    1. sorry for the late reply, I missed your comment. If you look for the 'About Me' tab at the top of my blog page I talk a bit about why I do this.


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