The Wizard Keeps His Promise

Do you remember?
Do you remember when the Grey Wizard met the Dragon for the first time?
No? Well, you have to go here and read that first! While you're at it, read this one too, A Girl and Her Dragon, because it has a lot to do with everything. Then come back here to see what happens next.

And now the story continues...

This morning Ari the Dragon found himself there again on my table. This time it was different. He felt stronger and a bit taller. He had changed.

A baby no more,
It wasn't long ago he still had his baby spikes on top of his head. Those fell off just the other day and  couple of strong horns are growing in their place. His skin has gotten tougher, it's not so soft now. He noticed his wings could carry him much further than ever before. He knew he was a baby no more, he was becoming the Dragon he was meant to be.

Ari remembered the Grey Wizard's promise, that once he was fully formed the Wizard would return and teach him how to breath fire. And just like that, before he could even blink twice, there he was!

The Wizard always keeps his promise,

He said, "My boy! Look how you've grown! The Wizard looked the dragon over and nodded his head in agreement with himself, "Yes, yes.  Now I will teach you how to breath fire. Are you ready, Ari?"

Ari tried not to jump up and down from excitement. He had waited for this day for so long! He somehow managed to keep his feet on the ground and said he was ready.

Small but mighty,
The Wizard told him that fire was inside every mighty dragon, even the small ones. "You are small but you are a mighty dragon, Ari! Now concentrate. Picture that fire in your belly and just let it out" The Wizard stood back to give him some room to breath.

The Dragon tried and tried,
Nothing but puffs of smoke would come out. No matter how hard he concentrated or pictured that fire in his belly, nothing. Nothing but smoke.
He doubted himself and wasn't sure he was mighty enough.  Maybe he was too small. 

You must save them,

"Are you sure I have fire in my belly?" he asked. The Wizard stepped through the smoke more determined than ever. He let out a cough and waved the smoke away.
"YES! You have fire in your belly! It's in there, deep inside, waiting for you to set it free. Now think, Ari, think about someone you love with all your might and they're in danger. Something terrible  is about to happen and you must save them", he rested the top of his staff on Ari's belly, "You must save them with fire! Do it Ari, Save them!"

Ari thought about the little girl he met in the field of daisies. She was everything to him. He had sworn to protect her forever. He knew he must save her!  He must save...
and just like that, a spark! Then a flame! 

Step back,

The Wizard's eyes grew wide with excitement. "Yes, there it is! Ari! There's the fire from your belly. I knew it was in you all along. You just had to believe in yourself!"

The Wizard let out a laugh. It was genuine and filled with love. He was proud of this small but mighty dragon. He went to step back a bit further to give more room to breath but then he heard a rumble then a ... 
 And the Wizard almost lost his hat!

Our first Crochet-Along,
I hope you enjoyed that story, my friends. I really enjoyed writing it.
Now for an announcement; tomorrow, July 2nd 2018, is the day we will begin the Small But Mighty Dragon crochet-Along. Yay!

A whole lot of work.. but fun,
I have been working every single day for the last couple weeks getting this ready for you. It was way more work than I thought it was going to be. I never would have guessed it would take this long to prepare a CAL.  I'm not complaining I just want you to know while you've been waiting and wondering what I've been up to, I was working on it! Along with my wonderful friend, Christina Stjernholm, who has translated the pattern and the entire CAL into Danish. Christina is as excited as I am. We really did have a lot of fun getting this ready.

Our first crochet-along is available in English and in Danish tomorrow!

UPDATE: Part one has been published here


  1. This is beautiful, and the characters look like they were alive, the beard of the wizard parted by the hot blast and all :D Thank you for your wonderful site!

  2. I always love to read your amazing stories that go with your patterns you are truely gifted with writing and amazingly gifted with all your crochet patterns Thank you so much! Amanda


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