They Have Faces and Fire!

Dragon pattern update: They now have faces and they have fire!

While I was trying to decide what kind of faces to give them my youngest son said to me, " Mom, I think they should be a fierce but good dragon and a friendly good dragon and their names should be Dreams and Nightmare." Well, I just loved that so much! And that helped me decide to give 2 different faces in the pattern.
Of course, when I release the pattern and you make one, you name it/them whatever you want to and make whatever face you want to. You will choose your own dragon! (there will be choices and the fire is removable). I'm working on the release of the written pattern and also on a video tutorial. There's a lot of work  that goes into a pattern so things take time. Keep an eye here on my blog or on my facebook page, I always announce there when I have a new pattern posted.

Dragons In My Kitchen Story,
Today the dragons were wandering around my kitchen feeling happy with their faces. I heard Nightmare say, "Dreams, do you know how to breath fire?" Dreams said he did not but wanted to learn how. Nightmare told him that the fire is down in the belly. A dragon just has to picture it and feel it. Then take a deep breath in and breath that feeling out.. "See like this, see the fire?!" said Nightmare, "now you try!" 

Dreams closed his eyes and he pictured the fire inside his belly... Oh! He could feel it! He took a deep breath in and he breathed that fire out! Nightmare cheered for
him. "Yes! You're a fire breathing dragon now! There's just so many good uses for breathing fire. For example, dragons can roast marshmallows whenever they want to. Yum!"

Patterns now posted!
Dragon pattern
Marshmallow pattern


  1. i can't wait to read the pattern

  2. Love love love the story of these wonderful Dragons. Hope the marshmallow pattern comes with these guys so we can all sit around toasting marshmallows. I can't wait for the pattern.

  3. Love the story! They are so adorable. Just tall are they?

  4. Love love love 💝 your dragons and their story. I can't wait for the pattern. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful crocheted creations with us.

  5. Oh I am so excited. I keep checking back, I know it takes a lot of time and effort to get a pattern out as well as a video tutorial. Thank You so very much for sharing your gifts with us all. Loved your little story too. :)

  6. I can't wait! I'm so excited. I'm hesitant to start something else because I want to do the dragon as soon as it comes out. Thank you so so much for sharing your talent with us.

  7. Can't wait for the pattern. You're so talented.

  8. I'm so excited for this one! :) Please do keep doing these wonderful creations!

  9. Ohhh.My.Gawrsh, they are fantastic, can't wait to make for my boys.

  10. Hi Sharon,
    I was wondering if you posted the pattern for the dragon'so fire yet! I love your work & can't wait to complete one.


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