Free Crochet Pattern Roundup For October

Happy October!

Here's a few projects to do for this month, most are Halloween themed, all are free! Bookmark this page for future reference. 

Pattern Links for all pictured above:
  1. Frankenstein's Monster
  2. Pocket Ghost
  3. Bride & Groom Ghost Accessories - scroll to bottom of page here for pattern links
  4. Cutie Pocket Bat
  5. Grumpy Pumpkin
  6. Large Eyeball
  7. Smaller Eyeball
  8. Eyeball Eating Monster (with working zipper for mouth)

A couple more links,

  1. The Ghost Child (pictured below) is a character from the movie Coraline. I wrote that pattern in 2011. I have other characters from that movie as well. Click here for all my Coraline patterns including the black cat.
  2. The Green Witch

Amigurumi stories,

I write up short stories from time to time that go with the amigurumi patterns. I always have so much fun writing them when the inspiration hits me. I hope you enjoy reading them just as much!

  1. Pocket Ghosts Glow When Caught
  2. I Met A Ghost On His Way To Get Married
  3. Ghostly Wedding Day

You Can Also Make A Spooky Tree!
I have a non-crochet tutorial for a Spooky Tree. It has glowing eyes and a built in candy bowl.  This is a full, step by step, video tutorial.

The tree is made with foil, masking tape and paper towels. It dries hard and durable.

If you like miniatures and projects like this tree then be sure to subscribe to my other youtube channel called Where The Gnomes Live.

Spooky tree is blogged  here or watch the video for it below.

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