Ghost Story With Free Crochet Pattern

crochet ghosts all around clay  trees

Did you know a Pocket Ghost glows if you catch it?
At first I didn't believe it either. It sounds outlandish doesn't it? Everyone knows that ghosts don't glow!
Because I don't believe things unless I see them for myself, I set out into the woods to catch myself a Pocket Ghost.

What luck, I was only inside the woods for about 45 seconds when I spotted them flying around in a tight little group making strange little oooOOoing noises.

I tried to grab one but my hand went straight through it. I tried and tried again with no luck. It was like trying to catch air and I knew I was looking pretty foolish grabbing at air.
I was about to give up when one of them stopped and asked me, "What do you want?"

I explained that I meant them no harm, I just wanted to see if it were true that Pocket Ghosts glow when caught. Without answering me he flew towards me super fast, so fast I didn't have time to duck! Then he flew around me. Around and around he flew through the air! He was like a jellyfish swimming in the sea, all stretchy and flowy. Sometimes he went so fast I couldn't even see him. But then he suddenly stopped right in front of me and asked me to put out my hand, so I did. Then he gently floated down and rested in the palm of my hand.

He felt lighter than the smallest cloud that ever was and he began to glow like the sun was inside his chest. He was so beautiful and I felt so lucky!

I whispered to him, "You're beautiful".

He giggled, "No, I'm not! I'm Spooks." Then he lifted off my hand and rejoined his friends in the air.


The Ghost pattern,
Click here to get the written pattern.
Click here to view the video tutorial.

Want more?
There was a Ghostly wedding officiated by a Monster.
Yes, you read that right, two of these Pocket Ghosts got married!
View more photos of the Bride and Groom here and the actual wedding day here.

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