Pocket Ghost Bride and Groom

crochet ghost in wedding outfits

Classy Casper!
Yesterday I was walking down my hallway and I saw one of the Pocket Ghosts floating by a painting on my wall. He looked very classy all dressed up in a black top hat and bow tie. He didn't seem to notice me so I quietly stuck my hand out and he floated right onto it.
This startled him and he started glowing. I told him to calm down I just I wanted to know why he was all dressed up. There must be a spooktacular event going on somewhere in my hallway!
But he didn't tell me and I detected a slight attitude so I let him go without further questioning.

Oh! That's why!
A few hours later I was walking down my hallway again and what did I see? A Ghostly Bride & Groom floating by! Now I know why he was all dressed up. He was on his way to meet his Bride at the alter, that is apparently somewhere in my hallway. I stopped them both, the bride was so happy she was literally glowing! She was wearing a stunning red veil and her little bouquet was done up with tiny red and yellow flowers.

Many happy dead years to come,
"Why didn't you tell me you were on your way to get married, silly Ghost?" He didn't say and he still had that annoyed looked on his face. But his blushing bride told me that's just how he looks. "He's happy, his face just doesn't know it yet."
With that we parted ways and I wished them many dead years of wedded bliss! You can view the actual wedding that was officiated by a Monster here.

The patterns,
Yesterday I was looking for something inside a basket full of amigurumis when the top hat rolled out of the basket and onto the floor. This hat was designed for my Mini Bears. I knew right away where it was going. It fit the Pocket Ghost perfectly so, of course, I had to have a wedding!

Pocket Ghost
~ the hat fits both Spooks and Spike.
Wedding accessories ~ includes instructions for the veil, bouquet, groom outfit
Mini Bears

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