Ghostly Halloween Wedding Officiated By A Monster

The Monster started with a greeting,
Welcome Friends, Ghosts, Bats and Grumpy Pumpkins. We are gathered here on this day, the 31st of October, to witness the union of  these two Ghosts who will be joined together for all eternity.
"To Haunt and to hold, from this day forward. For better, for worse. In death you will never part. Amen. You may kiss your dead bride."

crochet wedding ghost and frankenstein's monster

Pattern links:
All the characters you see here are free patterns and each pattern comes with a video tutorial. I hope you enjoy!

Grumpy Pumpkin
Pocket Ghost
Cutie Pocket Bat
Frankenstein's Monster

A Spooky Tree,
Since it's that time of year here's a fun project to do with the whole family!
"How To Make A Spooky Tree" from my other blog called,  Where The Gnomes Live

Happy Halloween!