Trolls Goats and More Round Up FREE Patterns

Trolls, Goats, Stories and an I-cord: It's another round up!
This might seem like an odd collection for a round up but these patterns are tied together by short stories that I wrote along the way. I hope you enjoy!

Free Pattern Link List:
1) Bobble Troll Pattern
2) Spring Troll Pattern
2a) Spring Troll Outfits Pattern
3) Troll and 3 Billy Goats ~ A story
4) Gruffy the Goat Pattern
5) How To Crochet An I-cord Video

A couple more stories:
a) Sacrifice To The Yarn Gods - A Baby Troll Story
b) Trolls In The Buttercups

More patterns:
You can see many more of my free patterns in gallery view on my Ravelry Designer page here

Easter Pattern Round Ups:
1) Bunnies, carrots, baskets and more here
2) Plastic Easter Egg patterns here

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  1. I am so in love with all your patterns. I have made several things. I keep giving them to family so quickly I forget to take pictures. Thanks for all your kindness of giving out patterns


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