FREE Spring Bunny Pattern Round Up Easter Gifts DIY

Welcome to the Bunny Round up,
I've gathered up all my bunnies and Easter related patterns for you. All the patterns are free.

I hope you enjoy!
If you have made any of these or make some, I'd love to see! Post pictures on my facebook page Amigurumi Freely or tag me on instagram sharon_ojala

1) Dress Me Bunny (outfits are in a link list at top of page)
2) Carrot Top Basket
3) Flossy The Tiny Bunny (comes with tiny carrot pouch)
4) Little Bigfoot Bunny
5) Carrot Pouch
6) Easter Egg Bunny
7) Not pictured is also a small Carrot Purse
8) Not pictured is also a small Basket of Carrots

NEW! Small Round Bunny. Get pattern here

Also New! The Carrot Hugging Bunny. Get Pattern here

There's More!
I also have a Zombie Bunny. You use Flossy the Tiny Bunny pattern to make the bunny body then I have a separate page to make the zombie parts. It's a gross little thing with a rotting carrot, yuk! Pattern is free here Zombie Bunny

And More!
Everything pictured below is in another round up using plastic Easter Eggs. Go here for pattern link list.

And More!

These Moshi Moshi Bunny patterns are  pretty old now. I wrote them up in 2013. I think they would make great gifts in a basket.

1) Rocket Bunny
2) Ambulance Bunny
3) Strawberry Bunny
4) Bee Bunny

How about one more?
How could I not include my Spring Duck! This is also an older pattern from 2013 but I thought it would make a sweet addition to the Easter basket. Go here for the Duck pattern.

More patterns:
You can see many more of my free patterns in gallery view on my Ravelry Designer page here

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