Trolls In The Buttercups

crochet trolls in the grass

Trolls in the Buttercups!
Spring Trolls enjoying a wee bit of sun. What a happy sight indeed.
However, I saw the grass part and out came the suspicious one. He was looking for the shade.

crochet troll with orange hair

I thought I'd show him just how fun the backyard can be and handed him a dandelion puff..
"What's this for?" He asked.
I told him it was to make a wish! Make a wish and blow on the dandelion puff. Then all the little seeds carry your wish far away to where it can come true.

crochet troll inside a hand with a dandelion puff

"Go ahead little guy, I said with a giggle, make a wish!"
His lip curled up as if disgusted at the thought. "No!"


Just a bit of silliness for the weekend. I told that story on facebook and since then the Spring Trolls all got outfits to wear!

Spring Troll pattern here
Pattern for outfit  here