A Sacrifice To The Yarn Gods ~ A Baby Troll's Story

A Troll's Story,

In March of this year I was preparing the Bobble Troll's pattern  when all of a sudden there was a baby! Did you forget? Let me refresh your memory. I'll copy and paste the story from facebook

March 23rd 2018, Meet A Baby Troll Named Bug,

This morning, in my craft room, as I was getting ready to start filming the last video for the Troll pattern...

knock knock knock
There's somebody at my door? pfft, always happens as I'm getting ready to film something!
I open the door, "Yes, can I help you?"
Nobody was there.
I went to shut the door and I felt resistance, I look down and see them. The Trolls. Elbus, Willie and Bubba.

They're back. Oh no! Not today!
I remember these guys from last year, they're rude and demanding..
Before they could ask for anything, I told them straight up,
"Listen guys., I'm not making you pancakes today. And no, I don't have any coffee for you and goodness me, I don't want anymore goats!
I have no time for you 3 today, I gotta film a video, okay? So kindly go back from where you came from and leave me alone."
As I was telling them this, they walked right past me and jumped up on my table.. they never listen to what I say.
Then I saw him. Well, I saw a tiny butt first, walking behind them.. a wee tiny troll butt. It's so much cuter than those bigger ones.
"A baby! You have a baby? Oh my goodness, he's soooo cu..... he's sooooo tiny!"
Tiny is what you say when... well, you know.
"Tell me! Who's baby is it!"
Not one of them would lay a claim. Willie said they were hunting under a bridge yesterday and there he was. They named him Bug.
to be continued.

My pattern notes,

I had written the baby's pattern notes on a scrap piece of paper and  set it aside knowing I'll be getting back to it very soon. I wasn't concerned I would lose the paper, I knew I wouldn't throw it out. It had important notes. Right?
No. Wrong, very wrong.

Fast forward to May,
I was now free enough to start the pattern for the Baby Troll. Oh my gnome, where did that paper go?  I looked and looked everywhere you can image.
I must have threw it out!
Okay, no big deal. I'll just keep the baby in front of me and make another just by looking at him

I tried and tried to recreate him, I was close to getting it, but I couldn't get that hideous baby recreated that first appeared! What should I do?

Make a Sacrifice,
Okay little Bug. This is going to hurt but I have to do it! I have to unravel you.
I unraveled  him from the bum up and counted the stitches in each row, and wrote that pattern down!

Poor Bug,

There he was, just twisty pile of yarn. A baby Troll no longer and I was sad. I missed Bug!
He mumbled from that pile "It's okay, don't be sad, you can make more of me now"

More hideous babies, yay!
I quickly got the pattern written up, properly, it's now saved forever.  I've been going through it and doing what I need to do to get this pattern published for you. I don't know why you would want to make one though. These are troublesome little things.. there's more to the story you haven't heard yet! I will be issuing a warning, with the pattern, not to make any baby trolls.

to be continued.
Update! Pattern for the baby troll is here

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  1. Oh oh, I always fall in love with the wrong ones (lol)

    1. haha good thing I wasn't sipping coffee while reading your comment..

      and me too.

  2. Aaw, very sweet. I must make them someday. :) Btw, I have always believed that you say in english "write down" only. You used that first but then you also wrote "write up". So is it okay to say so? In Finnish we use that "write up" (kirjoittaa ylös), so I'm just thinking.. Haha, lol! Sorry about this! I love your stories and patterns! <3

    1. Never go by what I say or write, haha I am usually a bit off or different from everyone else.

      But I do believe it's just the way it is said in the moment.
      example one: I'll get that written up for you.
      example two: I remembered his number and wrote it down.

      That is how my brain thinks it should go, but I could be wrong in the way I wrote it... down.. lol

      And thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it :)

    2. looking again at the one part, I could have said it either way:

      I quickly got the pattern written up.
      I quickly wrote the pattern down.

      Either way is good, I think. Maybe an English teacher would say differently. I don't know. Now I would love to ask an English teacher. It's a great question!

    3. Haha, cool! It is the same like when my English teacher has said that you "call" to someone not "phone", but then I see people (you and others) writing phone not call. So annoying when I can't be sure what is correct then! :D <3

    4. I don't think it's wrong to say, "phone someone", we all say that here in Canada!
      I think both ways are correct but "phone" is more commonly used.
      We say both,
      "I'm going to make a call to someone"
      "I phoned my mother"
      "I need to phone somebody"

    5. Just to make matters worse -- here in the states, we sometimes say, "I'm going to call on Aunt Ruthie." Which means, "I'm going to go to Aunt Ruthie's house."... Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I LOVE your tiny baby troll! Don't think for one minute that "hideous" isn't "beautiful" to someone (like me). Thank you for all your amazing patterns! C.

    6. Both ways of saying it is fine.

  3. My goodness gracious there so flipping cute ..I can't Waite to make a bunch of them..I love your trolls����


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