FREE Easter Egg Pattern Round Up ~ With or Without The Egg!

Welcome to the Easter Egg Round up,
Use up those plastic eggs you get this year or go to the dollar store and find some already empty and ready to use. Each of these patterns is free on my blog, pattern link list below. If you don't have any plastic eggs don't worry, you can still make them!

Nesting dolls,
Stack 'em up! Some of these are like nesting dolls if you have the different sized eggs, like the Totoro set. I've included instructions for all 3 so the white one fits inside the blue one and the blue one fits inside the grey one! The Rocket Ship holds one astronaut inside. Fill the egg up with treats to make an extra make a fun gift for the Easter basket!

I hope you enjoy!
If you have made any of these or make some, I'd love to see! Post pictures on my facebook page Amigurumi Freely or tag me on instagram sharon_ojala

1) Rosey the Monkey
2) Old Lady Who Swallowed The Fly
3) Easter Bunny Surprise
4) Froggy Swallows Fly
5) Nesting Totoros
6) Rocket Ship: Astronaut and Alien links are in the pattern
7) Browning the Bear
8) Used for the Frog and Old Lady, The Fly

There's More!

You can also make a bunny the same shape as a plastic egg or use the same pattern with a smaller hook and make a bunny that will fit inside the egg. Pattern is free here Easter Egg Bunny

And More!

Everything pictured below is in another round up, go here for pattern link list.

More patterns:
You can see many more of my free patterns in gallery view on my Ravelry Designer page here

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  1. Thank you so much for all your patterns...I am enjoying making them. I been looking for some monster patterns, do you have any? Thanks again

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