Spring Troll Clothes

A simple outfit for the Spring Troll,
This is nothing fancy at all. I was just playing around with an idea and it seemed to work great. There's no bottom. This is a couple of rows with a couple of chains for straps.

Troll Pattern,
The Spring Troll is a free pattern here  Scroll down this page for the outfits.
Use the same yarn weight and hook size you used to make the Spring Troll With

Bottom part of outfit:

1) starting chain * number of chains can vary. You want the chain long enough  that the ends just touch. You should have to stretch it a bit to get the ends to touch, when wrapped around the very bottom of the troll's lower half, just above the toes.

I chained 32 for the Trolls pictured.
2) starting in the 2nd chain, 1sc in each chain (31) ch1 turn
3) skip ch, 1sc in each st
f/o and sew the 2 ends together. Weave in yarn tails.

I added the bib here before I sewed the ends of the bottom part together so you could clearly see how I added the bib. You could do it the same way.

1) Work on the edge that has the visible "V's" (stitches). Find the middle stitch (don't worry if you have an odd number in the row, find the approximate middle) and count 4 stitches to the right, insert your hook and pull the yarn through, ch1. This counts as your first stitch. 1sc in the next 7st to your left (8) ch1 turn
2) skip chain, 1sc in each st (8)
3) ch12  *this is the first strap. From here you could actually sl st into the back part of the bottom half then weave the yarn tail in or just f/o and sew it to the back when you're done. Whatever works easiest for you.The straps are sewn in crisscross as pictured.
2nd Strap. Make a chain of 12 or insert yarn into the other corner of the bib and chain 12.

Put the outfit on the Troll. I found putting the outfit on from the bottom up was easiest. Once it's on the doll make the adjustments you need to, you will have to pull the tail through in between the  crisscross. The ones I made fit snug enough to stay in place but if your doll is going to be played with you might want to stitch the outfit in place.

Little Dress Pattern,

The little dress is almost the same as the overalls.
Bottom half of dress:
1) chain long enough to wrap around and the ends just touch
2) starting in 2nd ch, 1sc across the chain
3) ch2 then sl st into next st, ch2 then sl st next st, repeat this across. This creates a little ruffle across the bottom of the dress.
f/o and sew ends together. Weave in yarn tails


1) working the outer loops. Find the middle loop, count 4 loops to the right and insert yarn. Ch1 then 1sc in the next 7 loops to the left (8) ch1, turn
2) skip chain, 1sc in each st (8)
3) ch8 *this is the first strap, sl st directly across into the back. weave in yarn tail
2nd Strap. Make a chain of 8 or insert yarn into the other corner of the bib and chain 8. sl st or sew the other end directly across into the back.

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