Crochet Carrot Basket Video Tutorial

Carrot Top Basket,
What a fun week I've had! My little carrot project evolved from a full carrot pouch to a carrot basket and both patterns come with a full video tutorial too. Whew! I have been busy and I finished just in time as today is Good Friday and now I will take a short break and enjoy some time with my family. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Keep scrolling down this page for the Carrot Basket pattern and the link to the video.

The Carrot Pouch pictured below is here

Copyright 2014 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved

How to read the rows:
Each row has a sequence as given below. Example: 1sc then 2sc in next st means repeat that sequence 1sc then 2sc in next st followed by 1sc then 2sc in next st over and over to the end of that particular row. The number inside the parentheses ( ~ ) is the number of stitches you should have at the end of that particular row.

Red Heart Comfort yarn in Mocha 3191, Emerald 3233, and Tango 3232
4.5mm hook
blunt end yarn needle

This pattern uses the following stitches:

st = stitch
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
BLO = back loops only
f/o = finish off

Click here for full video tutorial

Starting at the bottom with orange:
1) magic circle with 6sc (6)
2) 2sc in each st (12)  work the starting yarn tail into this row to hide it
3) 1sc then 2sc in next st (18)
4) 1sc in next 2st then 2sc in next st (24)
5) 1sc in next 3st then 2sc in next st (30)
6) 1sc in next 4st then 2sc in next st (36)
7) 1sc in next 5st then 2sc in next st (42)
8) Working in the BLO, 1sc in each st
9-13) 1sc in each st for 5 rows
14) 1sc in next 6st then 2sc in next st (48)
15-17) 1sc in each st for 3 rows, switch to green on last st of row 17 and ch2
18) 1dc in each st around *work the yarn tails into the first few dc's to hide them
19) (join last st of row 18 and first st of row 19 with 1sc) now ch4 then 1sc in next st, repeating ch4 and 1sc all the way around
20) ch41 and join directly across the basket with a sc and then put 1sc in each ch back across, sl st and f/o weave in yarn tails. View the video tutorial for tips on doing this part

working the green edge as pictured below

1) your last dc goes here
2) your first sc goes here (no chain)
3) chain 4 then put in a sc in next st ~ repeat around

Tie To Close Up The Basket:
With green ch 80 and f/o. I switched to a 3.75mm hook to make the chain. This isn't necessary but it will make a tighter looking chain. Weave chain in and out between the dc posts of row 18 all the way around.

Dirt at the bottom of the basket with brown:
Hold the basket with the bottom facing you and look for the ridge that you created when you crocheted in the BLO on row 8. Pull the brown yarn through the last loop of that ridge and sc the last loop and the first loop together then continue around with 1sc in each of those loops. Once you get all the way around ch1 and turn the basket so now it is facing the opposite direction. look for the orange posts that are in between the brown edge and the bottom edge of the basket. Push you hook through a post and put in a sc then ch2 and sc into the next post, repeating with ch2 then sc all the way around. Sl st the last post and f/o. Weave in the yarn tail

Now fill up your basket with treats or put in a little bunny
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  1. I love your carrot basket. It's so cute...

  2. I love your tutorials. I have done both carrots and you explained them very well. The u tube instructions were very helpful. Thank you!!

  3. Thank you I did both carrots today.


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