Easter Amigurumi Patterns

Easter is fast approaching! Today I will share some of my own patterns with you, each is free and most of the written patterns come with video tutorials. I provided all the links to each pattern right here on this page.  I hope you enjoy!

First up is the Easter Egg Bunny that fits into the Carrot pouch and also the Carrot basket. These ones are all quick and easy patterns with video tutorials to help you along.

And next up is the Dress Me Bunny. She comes with a Carrot dress, Basket of Carrots, Carrot purse, and a pair of overalls! All these patterns come with video tutorials as well. I hope you enjoy!

1. Dress Me Bunny
2. Carrot Dress
3. Yellow Spring Dress
4. Overalls
5. Basket of Carrots
6. Carrot Purse

And once Easter is over and you have a bunch of empty plastic Easter eggs, don't throw them out! I also have patterns for those! Each pattern can be made with or without the egg.These ones are scheduled to have video tutorials made. I will update this page once they are ready to view. For now I have included detailed photos to help you through each pattern.

1. Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
2. Rosey the Monkey
3. Froggy and Girlfriend
4. Stacking Totoro
5. Browning the Bear

Not pictured above is the Fly pattern. It goes with the Old Lady and also the Frog. It also is made with or without an Easter egg. Pick up the Fly pattern here.
Also not in the collage above is my latest Easter Egg pattern called
Easter Egg Bunny Surprise, pick that up here

I hope you have a bunch of fun with these patterns. You can give away or sell finished products. Visit me on facebook, Amigurumi Freely, where you can post photos of your amigurumis!

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and help keep the patterns free.

Copyright Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go All rights reserved 


  1. I tried to leave a donation, but because I don't live in Canada it would not allow me to enter a valid state. Sorry, I would be more that happy to donate if I could. Thank you for your adorable patterns. Peggy

    1. That is so weird, this is the first time I've heard of this issue. Most of the donations come from people outside of Canada. Maybe it was just a glitch at the time you tried?
      But thank you anyway :)

  2. .thank you so much for all your adorable patterns and you can tell what kind of person you are by sharing them with us thank you again and may you receive all the happiness you give to all of us

  3. Love all your patterns, working on elephant now and already planning ahead for the next one. Thanks so much for sharing, first time I have found amigurumi that I could easily follow.


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