Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pattern Updates and Other Stuff

Happy Saturday everyone!

Oh my goodness, I've got a lot done this past week!  It feels really awesome to be crocheting and writing patterns once again.
Health update:
As some of you know, I've been pretty sick. Without going into the horrifying details, it started last year in September and continued on and off until just lately. I was finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis on May the 11th. It is a brutal auto immune disease but I feel pretty good now. I'm on medications that are helping, thank goodness.

The only issue I've been dealing with since leaving the hospital is low hemoglobin, which was down to 70 just last Tuesday, which explains a lot, lol. 70 is considered

Friday, June 16, 2017

Miniature Puppy

Hello friends!
Meet the Miniature Puppy. My daughter named the white one Kevin, lol feel free to name them anything you want!
He's cute little thing that's completely jointed. I'm not an expert in jointing limbs but do my best to explain it in the assembly page.
You do not have to joint him though! You decide if you want to joint him or not.

Size of puppy:

Depending on the yarn you choose the size will vary, I used the same hook size for all 3 pictured.
I used a sport weight yarn from Red Heart to make the white and the cream colored puppy, those are both 9cm or 3.5in tall.
The baby blue one is 5cm or 2in tall. For that one I used a super fine fingering yarn.

Choosing the right yarn to work with:

I found cotton yarn kept its shape better while I sewed everything together. The puppy made with acrylic yarn needed to be reshaped a few times while I sewed everything together, which is no big deal for me but if you are not used to working with miniatures it might be better to choose a cotton yarn.

Now you can scroll down this page for the miniature puppy pattern, start with the

Miniature Puppy Assembly Instructions

This is the assembly page for the miniature puppy. The written pattern for this puppy is here.


Sew the legs, arms and tail to the body and then the muzzle and ears to the head BEFORE sewing the body and head together. Follow the same order as given below.

1) shape the feet before sewing the legs onto the body. The hdc edge faces to the

Monday, June 12, 2017

Simple Paws For Amigurumi

Hi everyone,

Here's a quick video that will show you a simple technique to get some toes on your amigurumi. This will work on any size amigurumi, it does not have to be the same sized paw pictured.
These paws are part of a free pattern here on my blog, you can pick that pattern

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Cuddle Me Puppy

Meet the Cuddle Me Puppy. This is a BIG puppy, standing about 20 inches tall if you use the same yarn and hook size given in the supplies list. It IS a cuddle size!
The patterns for clothing isn't ready yet, those will come in a separate post as soon as they are ready. I'll update this page then.

I've done my very best to explain everything as much as possible. I have provided a full video tutorial for the assembly of this puppy. The assembly section is on a separate page with lots of photos. View that page here where you will also find the video links.

I do not have a video, yet, for crocheting the parts. I will add links here as more videos become available.

I hope you enjoy! You can scroll down this page for the written pattern, the print friendly button is at the bottom of this page along with the option to donate. Donating is not required but very much

Cuddle Me Puppy Assembly Instructions

Print off the free written pattern for the Cuddle Me Puppy here


Some people find sewing amigurumis together a bit daunting. I used to as well, I used to dread sewing things together! I enjoy it now. The trick is to relax, don't hold things so tight. Let the yarn needle do all the work.  Use pins to hold things in place, use lots of pins when you can. Always make sure you are happy with the placement of things BEFORE sewing.  These bigger amigurumis are easier to sew together than the smaller ones, I think so anyway.Take your time and always take breaks when you need them. Enjoy!

There is a full video tutorial that shows you how to sew the puppy together. It follows the same order as the steps written below. I have broken the tutorial down into separate videos.

How to make the toes here
How to sew the paw pads on here
How to sew on the legs, arms and tail  here
How to whip stitch the nose onto the muzzle here
How to sew the muzzle on here
How to sew the ears and eyelids on here

1a) Flatten the foot and add the toes before sewing any parts. Cut 2 yarn tails, about 18 inches long or so, the same color as the foot. Thread 1 strand of yarn with

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Another Sneak Peek at the Big Puppy

Another sneak peek!
This is what's taking me so long. The puppy just lead me in a direction I didn't know I was going. The more I do, the more I love him!
I messed up the shirt so have to start that over later today. I'm working slow.. I'm tapering off a steroid right now and it makes my limbs, particularly my arms, feel weak.. crocheting is an effort but I'm determined!

Thank you for your patience while I get this pattern together for you.. I have most all the written parts done and edited.. just have to test a couple parts before I publish it. I still can't give you a date but it'll be soon.

I'm still feeling good! It's an absolute joy to back to designing. Life here at home is pretty much back to normal.. well, even better than normal since we got our new kitty! It's just all fun fun fun over here, lol
Hope you're all having a wonderful day!

Oh and if you haven't heard, I gave kitty his own instagram so I don't drive everyone crazy by posting photos of him on facebook everyday, haha Follow him here