Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Troll and 3 Billy Goats

Happy weekend everyone!

I've been working on patterns like crazy.. when I made the goats (pattern not available yet) I knew I had to make a troll too. My mind went to that old children's story, "3 Billy Goats Gruff".
I've been wanting to make a troll for a very long time but the inspiration to do so didn't hit me until 2 nights ago.. late at night, of course.

I'm so happy with how he turned out. I'm working on the pattern today, writing, editing and taking photos. It won't be ready today, it'll take some time to get it all together. Just keep an eye here on my blog or on my facbook page. I'll announce it when it's done.

I wrote a little story this morning on my fb page. It is a continuation from a short story I wrote last week when I finished making the goats.

I woke up to a ruckus in my kitchen. I came out to investigate and could not believe my eyes! There was the Troll with those 3 Billy Goats. He had them tied to a rope.
"What are you doing?!!", I asked.
The Troll said he found these goats crossing his bridge. Since he had already eaten, and was feeling very full, he decided to sell them to me.
Omg! I didn't want them! They're noisy and obnoxious. It was just a few days ago they

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rainbow Sprinkles the Unicorn

Introduction & SIZE:
Meet the Little Bigfoot Unicorn. She is about 7 inches tall.
Date of birth: August 23rd 2017
I named the unicorn, Rainbow Sprinkles. The one with wings I named, Luna.

What's the difference between them:
Here's something I didn't know before posting the unicorn on my facebook page, unicorns do not have wings! Luna is not a unicorn, he's an alicorn. I've included instructions in this pattern to make your own alicorn.  Here's a tidbit quoted directly from wikipedia;
"A winged unicorn is a fictional horse with wings like Pegasus and the horn of a unicorn. This creature has no specific name, but in some literature and media, it has been referred to as an alicorn."
This series of animals:
The Little Bigfoot series was first designed in 2012. I have started revising all those original patterns, however, the unicorn was never part of the originals. I got the idea for this unicorn while I was making S'mores the Horse. View the rest of the animals

Tummy Patch Ideas for the OG LBF Animals

crochet rainbow, iron on moon transfer, felt heart

What The Patch Is For:
This tummy patch pattern is the perfect size for my smaller Little Bigfoot series, the ones between 6 and 7 inches tall.
This gives you the option to add a bit more flare to your little animal and make it into something original to you. You can embroider onto the patch, glue on felt pieces, sew on initials, use iron on transfer paper. You or your child could draw something, scan it then use that as an iron on. This would make your amigurumi a treasured keepsake. The ideas are endless, have fun!
I'll give you instructions for a couple of ideas but feel free to play around with ideas of your own.

Free Patterns:
There's a bunch of animals in this original Little Bigfoot series. They're all free. Click here and scroll down to view them all. I'll be adding more as I get them done. So

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Next Up A Goat

Happy Sunday,

The Little Bigfoot Farm is growing... a goat is coming up next!

Get the cow here
the horse here
and the pig here

All the patterns are free! I hope you enjoy.

  Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and help keep the patterns free. If you do give a donation, please accept this note as my sincere thanks.
Many Blessings to you!

Copyright 2017 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved 

 You may sell finished products.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

S'mores the Horse

Introduction & SIZE:
Meet S'mores the Little Bigfoot Horse. He is about 7 inches tall.
Date of birth: August 19th 2017
The Little Bigfoot series was first designed in 2012. I have started revising all those original patterns, however, the horse was never part of the originals, actually, this is the first horse pattern I've ever designed! I'm quite happy with how it  turned out. I hope you are too.

A Happy Little Bigfoot Farm
I now have 3 patterns available that are considered Farm Animals in this LBF series. They are:
Temple the Cow ~ pattern here
The OG LBF Pig ~ pattern here
S'mores the Horse ~ scroll down this page
A goat pattern is in the works (not pictured, watch my fb page for a sneak peek later tonight or tomorrow)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pattern Updates A Horse, Of Course

Happy Thursday everyone.!
I'm  popping in with pattern updates for you.

I'm currently working through, and revising, all the original Little Bigfoot patterns from 2012. I've also been adding new animals to the series as I do that.
I'm going with the inspiration as it hits me and right now the inspiration is flowing. I need to go with that for as long as I feel it.

It appears that a happy Little Bigfoot Farm is happening! The cow and pig are

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Drachen Häkelanleitung

A big thank you to Gaby Lerhbach, we now have this Dragon pattern in German. What a wonderful gift! Thanks again, Gaby.
The original English pattern is here

Die schriftliche Anleitung des Musters, klicken Sie hier

Teil 2 ~ Füllung und Gestaltung mit Fotos klicken Sie hier

Teil 3 ~ Zusammensetzen der Drachenteile klicken Sie hier

Ich hoffe, Ihnen hat das Muster Spaß gemacht. Bitte veröffentlichen