Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tiny Zombie Bunny With Rotting Carrot Pouch

Hi everyone,

Today I'm bringing you something a little different for me, a zombie bunny!
You'll need the non-zombified version of the bunny  here I'll give you some ideas for zombie parts here on this page.
These are  ideas with instructions on how to make them. Feel free to use them all or play around with your own. There's no wrong way to zombify something, so have fun!

If you have trouble working with thread, no worries! You can follow the same pattern using yarn of your choice. The green bunny pictured below was made with Red Heart Comfort yarn and a size 4mm hook.

You'll find in the pattern below:

  • dangly eye
  • dangly heart
  • leg with bone
  • short arm
  • guts
  • wounds and blood splatters
  • exposed ribs 
  • how to rot the carrot 
Please note: The brain is not in the pattern yet. I made that last minute and have to see if I can recreate it.

Supplies: *read through the pattern, some of these supplies you won't need. It depends on what you make.
embroidery floss in white and red (or split yarn)
regular ww white yarn

tacky glue
paint and/or felt pen in green, black and blue
blunt end yarn needle with work for most of it.  A sharp end needle will make things

Monday, April 3, 2017

Flossy the Thread Bunny

Hello again!

Today I bring you a tiny bunny. It is about 2.5in or 6.35cm long not including ears. This bunny actually evolved from one of my recent free patterns, Barley the Bear. I changed up some of the parts, including making a bigger head, to make this bunny.

I've also made a zombified  version. The zombie parts will be up next, check back for updates.
The carrot pouch was designed specifically for this bunny, free pattern here.

Now you can scroll down this page for the bunny pattern, look at the bottom of the page for the print friendly button.

Important Note about the yarns used:

To get the same sized bunny there's 3 options that I've used.
One option is a sport weight yarn, that's a #2 fine. 
2nd option, hold 2 strands of embroidery floss together. You will need 7 packs of one

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Small Strawberry Pouch

Hi everyone,

This was totally unplanned! I released a small carrot pouch pattern earlier and while looking at the photos I was inspired to make a strawberry!  Just like the carrot pouch, it is small It works up fairly fast with just 11 rows.

Scroll down this page for the small pouch pattern. Look for the green printer

Small Carrot Pouch

Hi everyone,

This is a small carrot pouch that works up fairly fast with just 11 rows.

If you prefer a longer pouch I do have another pattern here.
Scroll down this page for the small pouch pattern. Look for the green printer button at the bottom of all my

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Small Crochet Acorns

Hi everyone!

I had said my next pattern would be the zombie bunny but yesterday I was reminded I never posted the acorn pattern that I had promised a while back. I just kept forgetting about it. My apologies.

This is the acorn that I made for Lil' Oak the Hiding Tree and Friends. It is about 1.5in or 3.8cm in length. You can pick up all the patterns in the series here. Scroll down this

Monday, March 20, 2017

Zombie Spree! Next pattern to be released

I didn't realize that making zombies could be so much fun!

This zombie spree actually started off with a sweet mini bear named, Barley. I made Barley for my Gnome who lives in a big dollhouse that I made him. You can see more of the gnome and his house on my other facebook page, Dollhouses and the things that go in them.

I also have a monster named Frankie who was made by my good friend, Kim Sofia. She has a facebook page called Kim's Sticks and Strings. Anyway, Frankie had

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Barley the Bear ~ A Gift to a Gnome

Hi everyone,

Today I'm bringing you a very basic little bear pattern. I made this bear for my Gnome. He lives in a very large Stump House that I built for him and his mother, who we call, Aunt Katri. If you've never seen this house, stop by my other facebook page, Dollhouses and The Things that Go in Them, and have a look. The house is under some renovations right now, getting a few updates and additions.

Gnomey loves his big bear! He named him Barley.

Important Note about the yarns used:

When I made Barley I used a handspun wool that was gifted to me, (thanks Mika!). It is a beautiful wool but was a little bit difficult  to work into a tiny amigurumi. I managed and the end result was adorable. It's not a beautiful bear but it's adorably small and