Monday, December 11, 2017

Micro Mouse and a Walnut

Hi again!

I thought you might like to see where that tiniest of  the mice ended up. You see, the problem with that micro mouse is, I could drop it at any minute and he'd be

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Personal Update and New Pattern

Hi everyone! Happy December. I finally got some new videos up and a new pattern. I also did a personal update video for you.

I hope you enjoy!

Get the new pattern here

Amigurumi Pocket Mouse

About this pattern:

The Pocket Mouse  evolved from a micro mouse that I designed in 2011. I had the pattern sitting in my notes all these years waiting for the right time to be published. That time is now! The 3 mice you see in the photo are all the exact same pattern. If you plan to make a micro mouse, follow the written pattern below, make the ears, head, and body,  then  go here to assemble it.

Yarn, Thread and Hooks:
here's what I used for the mice you see pictured, largest to smallest:
Red Heart Comfort yarn
with a 4.25mm hook
(Pocket Mouse)
Embroidery floss with a 2mm hook (Micro Mouse)
Punch embroidery thread with a .75mm steel hook (Super Micro Mouse) I used punch thread because I had it on hand. This thread breaks easily so I would suggest a different type of thread.

Video Tutorial:
To make it easy for everyone, I put together a full video tutorial. In that video I used regular ww yarn and a bigger hook so that you could see the stitches better which is how we get the Pocket Mouse (the largest one in the green dress, it is just under 3 inches tall.)  I also thought that many people would rather have a

Micro Mouse Pattern

Hi everyone!
Well, I finally did it. I finally got this little mouse into a pattern and also on youtube! That only took me 6 years, lol

Where did this come from?
Some of you might remember, way back, when I first made a mouse this size? If not, you can see the original post on flickr from 2011 here. I changed the ears but kept everything else the same.

Never crocheted before?  Are you just learning?
To make it easier on the beginner I made a video tutorial. In that tutorial I use yarn and a bigger hook so that you can see the stitches easier. I called that one, Pocket Mouse. It's much bigger but is the exact same pattern as this Micro Mouse. You can use the videos from that one to follow along.
I also made 2 videos just for the Micro Mouse,  in those I show you how to

Hat and Scarf for Pocket Mouse

Hat and scarf for the Pocket Mouse and the Micro Mouse. There is a full video tutorial as well as a written pattern. Scroll down this page.

I haven't yet made any of the outfits for that  super tiny mouse pictured below on the left. I might try to make it a dress later on down the road.
The tiny one in the red dress, on the right, was made with embroidery floss. I

Dress For Pocket Mouse

The dress that fits the Pocket Mouse and the Micro Mouse. There is a full video tutorial as well as a written pattern. Scroll down this page...

There is a print friendly option at the bottom of this page along with the option to donate. I hope you

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Snemands ophæng dansk mønster Snowman Ornament

Hej venner!
Igen har Christina Stjernholm givet os en gave. Nu har vi fået oversat ophænget med den lille Snemand til dansk! Jeg er så taknemmelig for Christina og al hendes hårde arbejde, og jeg ved, at det er i også.

Hello friends!
Once again Christina Stjernholm has given us a gift. We now have the little Snowman ornament translated to Danish! I'm so grateful for Christina and all her hard work, I know you are too.

Snemands ophæng dansk mønster her
Get the original English version of the Snowman ornament  here

Christina har oversat mange Amigurumi to go mønstre. For at se en komplet liste over de mønstre, der findes oversat til dansk, se her :
Christina has translated many Amigurumi To Go patterns. To see the complete list of patterns available in Danish go here


  Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and help keep the patterns free. If you do give a donation, please accept this note as my sincere thanks and know that you have helped a great deal.
Many Blessings to you!

Copyright 2017 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved 

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