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Updated August 2019,

amigurumi designer

Who I am,
My name is Sharon Ojala, (a Finnish last name pronounced O-yah-lah).
I'm a Finnish girl born in Canada.
I'm in my 40's and have 3 children, 2 cats. I'm a positive thinker who usually finds the silver lining in any dark cloud.

Some struggles,
In Sept of 2016 I became extremely sick, in fact, almost died a couple times. I was in and out of hospital until the middle of 2017.  I have since been diagnosed with an unknown auto-immune disease that attacked my heart, lungs and other organs. I was also diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Both diseases are now under control with infusions every 8 weeks and a medication daily.

I refuse to say "my disease". These diseases are not mine. I believe that my body got confused and soon I will be in complete remission. It's been a long road with many ups and downs but right now I am feeling good and getting stronger everyday.

These things make me happy,
Family, my cats, coffee, designing yarny toys, Harry Potter, LOTR, anything Jane Austen, Junk Journals, and all things miniature.

When the crafting began,
I taught myself to crochet in 2010 via youtube and it changed my life, literally! My son really wanted a character doll from a PlayStation game that  I couldn't afford. I found a crochet pattern called, Make Your Own Sackboy by GoldenJellyBean on youtube. I never crocheted before that but I was determined to give him this gift for Christmas. I did it! (forever grateful).

He freaked out when I gave it to him and he kept that doll close by him for years. Now it sits on a shelf of honor and remembrance.

crochet sack doll

After that, I began making my kids their favorite movie characters. I designed my own when I couldn't find a pattern, or one I could understand.

I also started building dollhouses and things that go in them for my kids.
I was a single mom with small kids to care for. Making them things became a part of us. They spent countless hours playing with things I made them. That's a feeling that can not be fully described. I wanted to share that feeling with the world so I started blogging to do just that.

girl with homemade dresser dollhouse

What I'm working on today,
Today I have a very large Gnome Home and one very large tree in my craft room that I am furnishing and making  characters  for. My kids are now too old for these things but I'm old enough to enjoy them! (Some of you will totally get that). 

Check out my other blog called, Where The Gnomes Live

handmade gnome home or fairy house

Crafting is like breathing,
I truly believe a crafty world is a better world. I want to share crafting and  amigurumi with as many people as I can before I leave this planet. It can change lives. It changed mine! Crafting is more than just knowing how to do something, it's about learning, growing and sharing. It's about creating our own worlds, no matter what's going on around us. A world filled with creativity, positivity and love. These aren't just fun words I've chosen, I believe them to be true. 

a boy with crochet gandalf doll

Our community,
I believe in the crafting community. By giving and sharing with that community it builds, not just one, but everyone up. It's never-ending. I get countless messages from all over the world how crafting has changed a life, how it has brought joy to another, how it is helping to supplement an income. I treasure these messages. I feel blessed and honored to be part of this ever-growing community.

My blogs,
a) Where The Gnomes Live is my crafty blog, mostly about my miniature builds and creations.
b) Amigurumi Freely is a free pattern directory. There you will find patterns from other designers that I share on my facebook page Amigurumi Freely everyday.
c) Amigurumi To Go is the blog you are on now. Here you find only my own designs.

https://www.facebook.com/AwesomeAmigurumi/ https://www.instagram.com/sharon_ojala/ https://www.ravelry.com/designers/sharon-ojala https://www.youtube.com/sharonojala


  1. Just a brief message of support. I, too, am a new crocheter. The first thing I made was one of your ducks and was only able to do that because of your YouTube videos. There is no way I would have been able to complete it without them. I have since made a few monkeys and one of the diary of a wimpy kid boys (tricky). Your patterns are wonderful and my 4 year old granddaughter loves the things I make for her. Good luck with your health and your patterns are really appreciated.

  2. Hello. Thank you for teaching me to crochet. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing these amazing pattern with us.

  4. Mi nombre es María y soy española, nací en Valencia.

    Me alegro mucho de que encontraran una medicación para que pudieras llevar una vida "normal".

    Siendo muy joven me diagnosticaron fibromialgia y síndrome de fatiga crónica. Los médicos siguen desconociendo la enfermedad pero con medicamentos sigo adelante.

    Tengo marido y dos hijos jóvenes. Lo único que lamento es que desde bebés me han visto mis hijos enferma y, venir el médico de urgencias a nuestra casa, para seguidamente desplazarme en ambulancia al hospital. Mi marido siempre ha estado a mi lado y ha tenido que hacer muchos sacrificios.

    Intento llevar una vida "normal" y llevo unos meses, este año, viendo tutoriales para aprender ganchillo, macramé, costura, tejer con dos agujas, bordar, etc. Quiero aprender a hacer ropa para mi familia y cosas pequeñas para vender. Quiero ayudar a mi marido con la economía de la casa u sé que lo lograré.

    Gracias por leerme.

    Un enorme abrazo de algodón. (el algodón no duele).

  5. I want to thank you for sharing your absolutely fantastic designs, and your video tutorials are so clear and easy to follow too. Thank you Sharon!

  6. Sharon I love crafting and indeed a world without crafting will be a very boring and sad place. It was through crafting that I was able to over come many difficulties and challenges in my life. From the bottom of my heart I wish you and your family well and I pray for your complete recovery.
    Now my question to you is... do you sell finished products? If so I would like to place some orders for amigurumi goats. Purple Goat. I am hoping that we can work together. I live in Los Angeles and I am starting a business called Purple Goat Apothecary, I craft cold pressed soaps and body care products. Visit my website www.purplegoatmarketplace.com my mission is to help people lead and live a healthier life style free from diseases. I think in collaboration we can change lives. I hope to hear from you soon thank you Isabel

  7. My life has also been in turmoil for the past nine years.It started with nearly losing my husband due to health issues. Then caring for my father with dementia until he passed in 2017, followed by more cancer for my husband and then caring for my sister until her death this past September. Now the cancer has returned for my husband and we face more operations and treatment. If not for the love and joy of my grandchildren I may not have survived all the lows and losses.
    I learned to crochet as a young girl and would make an afghan now and again for loved ones. I was looking for something easier that I could work on while waiting around at doctor appointments and hospital stays and found Your videos which have opened up a whole new passion in me for the craft. I am excited to start with the Dress Me Bunny. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with us in such detail that I have the confidence to achieve my goal. Thank you thank you and thank you again.

  8. Sharon may be your name, but "Sharing" is closer to your true name. You share so much and give every day. Every day someone finds a video or one of your pages and something on them will inspire that person to try. It may be your spooky tree or your big foot series, Your monster book is so impressive it should inspire people to try anything! Your trees have me thinking of other creations to use on my desk or on my walls, for a different type of shelf or desk storage.
    This year I want to start an 18" diameter tree. A rather daunting task as I am so stuck for space of any sort, that I have exactly one place i can put it, and that is the back corner of a desk on top of my printer. I have a little table that just fits over the printer and that is where I plan to keep the tree. Obviously I need a platform to build it on and I am going to try making one out of a lazy susan. Don't know if it will be strong enough, but I am going to try. I already have my first gnome/elf/whatever to live in it. I needed something to plan the tree and room sizes with. He is 3" tall and I am making everything 1" per real foot divided by 2. So, 6' would be 3" A 7 foot high door would be 3 1/2" and so on. Miniaturizing things is going to be a major challenge and joy for me. (what if i tightly braid thin #2 yarn and make a 'braided' rug out of it? )
    Your creativity has broadened my already active imagination. I am beginning to think far beyond my current box. Like my cat in the avatar that asks "Dog? What Dog?" I now say "Box? What box?" In a very large way, thanks to you.
    I am 70, a widow and disabled as far as standing or moving around much. My home is 240 sq ft, and crafting is my major activity. I spend the year making things to give away. So every nook and cranny is stuffed with supplies and yarn, and boxes and bags of projects. My eyesight has taken away much of the small things i used to do, like jewelry making and fine Christmas ornaments, but there is plenty of things I Can do and I DO!
    Anyone out there that thinks "I can't" should just set aside their doubt and go for it! A day looking through your pages should show them Something they could start with. You are truly inspiring girl! God bless!!!

  9. Dear Sharon, Thank you!!!! Your patterns are the best and so easy to follow. If anyone asks about Amigurumi, I always tell them to use Sharon's patterns or watch her videos. Take care

  10. I'm currently making the fierce dragon and enjoying making it. Your instructions are so easy to follow and understand. I'm making the dragon for my 37 year old son who likes dragons. He is handicapped and really enjoys the crochet items I make for him. His birthday is next month so making for his birthday.

  11. Hi Sharon I have so enjoyed your wonderful tutorials, I have now found your blog and facebook page. So you can count me as one of your no 1 fans,
    Thanks for all you do for us in the world of crochet. You are amazing!

  12. Thank you for the tutorials. You are very gifted! I too have IBD, and do infusions every 7 weeks. I didn’t know this about you when i found your YouTube tutorial on making a mouse that inspired me to learn to crochet. Now i feel that we are kindred spirits!

  13. Hi!
    I just started to crochet, and the first thing I made was your elephant. :) I followed your Video Tutorial, it was clear what to do in all times. very easy for a beginner to learn. thank you! I am very soon finnish with my second project, your bear!
    thanky ou!

  14. You are the most lovely person, who is a great source of inspiration for a novice crafter like me. Up until I found your blog I couldn't help, but doubted my abilities to actually make anything ever. You helped me and many others. Thank you!!!

  15. Hello. I wanted to thank you for your site and resources you provide. Could you please email me at this email. I have a private issue you might be able to help with. eheaton63@gmail.com
    Thank you.

  16. I just want to let you know that I really enjoy making the mini bear, and your instruction videos are awesome. I will be making the little girl doll with all the hair next. Best wishes with your health. And keep inspiring us....

  17. hi sharon....can you just share with me how big the pigs head is for the dress me up pig...i wanna make sure i have the proper guage

  18. I done your hand and fingers for my grinch . but I don't know how to post a picture on here of it

    1. you can't here, there's no option fo rit but if you're on facebook, post on my page called, Amigurumi Freely. The link is at the end of my post on this page, scroll up

  19. Hi Sharon, wanted to say HI to a fellow Fin, this is Sharon Ojala Adams. My maiden name is Ojala, I live in the country in NE Oklahoma. My parents came from Ohio and my father was full-blood finnish, so I'm half :) We have always pronounced Ojala as O-j-la (J pronouced as a J not a Y or H), but my father's parents both died when he was a small child and the correct pronunciation was probably lost with them. Never knew another Sharon Ojala and just wanted to connect. Hope you are felling much better these days. God bless you.

  20. Hi Sharon, just to say thank you, you have given me hours of enjoyment, with your great amigurumi and I now also have a big tree house in my craft room, love all your work and your tutorials are the best to understand and follow, again a big thank you, you are an amazing person xx

  21. Thank you for sharing our talent. I have crochet a lot of your Amigurumi and have made my grandchildren so happy. Your methods and techniques are so easy to follow, when ever anyone ask I send them to your page/blog. Thank you so much, Bless you!

  22. Hi Sharon! I'm from South America. I was trying to write to your email but I can't find it anywhere. I don't use FB not even Insta., anyhow, I really like your sites. I watched your videos and I love your way to explain them all, making it easy to learn and make beautiful amigurumis. In fact, it was through you that I had learned to make them. Many of your videos are my favorites. I could help you to translate some of them, if you want. Since I don't have an account in YT, maybe I could write the text in a mail and you could put the translation below your videos, or in a comment. If you think this help it's not neccesary, there is no problem, we could simply start a friendship by mail, if you like! Have a great day! And thank you so much for being kind and so shinny!

  23. a beautiful soul who gives so freely....
    thank you for giving us all such great inspiration!

  24. I have made several teddy bears and elephants, I plan to do a bunny next. It has been a great way to expand my crochet projects. Hats, blankets and doll clothes were getting boring. Thank you for providing the written patterns! I first watched your videos and can know just refer to the written patterns. You're a shining light.

  25. Dear Sharon, I just finished my 2 bunnies with your videos. Those are my Corona bunnies as I started knitting with your help during my sitting home in this days. I am so happy I learned to knit. You are excellent with your slowly, detailed explanations. Thank you sooooooo much. Wanted to send you pictures but don't know where to send them.

  26. I can't thank you enough for the videos. I am not one of those stronger resilient minds who put up a strong foot forward everyday. I am a weakling and try to distract myself enough to stop spiralling into my thoughts . I have been painting, embroidering, knitting as mechanisms to cope with destructive thoughts and to feel good since as long as I can remember. I am grateful to God for making people like you who guide us to a better life. I dont have a stable source of income yet so I won't donate now. But as my scholarship starts for my graduate studies, I will surely do. Thank you, for existing

  27. Hi Sharon,

    i just read your story and am sending you positive thoughts and prayers for a full and permanent remission. I have made several of your little bigfoot patterns and fierce and sleepy dragon. They are the best. Thank you for sharing!! I would like to know if you have any plans of making a Kola Bear and also a pattern for Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Thank you again.

  28. You are a truly talent individual, innovative and have a wonderful imagination. Have not tried this type of crochet yet, but plan to soon. I have done mostly afghans, baby blanket, sweaters for my 4 new great grandsons. I love paper crafts also. Like you a try to stay positive even on the worse days. Pray you enjoy many more years of doing the things you like best. God Bless.

  29. I believe there is a mistake in the Winnie the Hedgehog directions?

    1. if you find a mistake on any of my patterns, kindly leave it on the pattern page itself, let me know what part of the pattern and row number so I can fix it asap. Thanks so much!

  30. You are my favorite go to on YouTube for crochet. Are you ok? I haven't seen you on YouTube at all in quite a while. Miss the fun creative amigurumi that comes from that talented brain. Maybe I missed something. Lol! I just pray you're fit as a fiddle. 💚💙

    1. thank you so much, you made me smile!! Yes, all is well. I have some personal things going on atm that make it impossible for me to find time for youtube but will be back to crafting asap! Thanks again, I am fit as a fiddle, no worries :)

  31. Thank you so much for the Small But Mighty Dragon pattern. My grandson asked me to make him a dragon, thankfully I found yours since I was dreading 'winging it' to come up with something he would like. I linked your site to my (sad, unread) blog, plus I mentioned you on my Instagram page. If you would prefer I remove them, let me know and I will. Thanks again ❤


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