Youtube Videos

Updated May 2019,

On this page you will find  basic crochet how to videos.

Magic Loop: The first 2 videos in this list will show you how to get the loop using 2 different methods. AKA magic ring, adjustable loop

Magic loop, method 1,
Up first is the magic loop that frustrated me when I first tried it. I couldn't get the beginning slip knot no matter how hard I tried!

I sat down one night, just last year, determined to do it and found my own way to get the knot. I've heard from a few people now that this knot is much easier for them and I'm so happy to know that.

Magic loop, method 2,
This next video is for the magic ring that crochets over a double loop. This is my favorite method even though it took me many tries before I got it mastered. Remember to take your time and everything gets easier with practice.

I uploaded this one to youtube in 2011. Because the video is old and was uploaded before I started using HD it's not the greatest quality but  it's been helpful to many as is. I hope you find it helpful too!

How to reverse single crochet.
This is a fun and easy way to get a finished edge on things like hats.

Crochet I-cord,
The i-cord is a wonderful way to get a cord that looks knitted. It can be used as handles for bags  or shaped into letters. I've used this cord to make heart shaped frames and amigurumi tails. There's many things that can be done with this cord.

More videos to be added!