DIY Crochet Stitch Markers Using Sea Shells Acorns and More


If you have seen any of my crochet videos in the past you will know that I always used a piece of yarn as my stitch marker. I found it quick and easy to use but the problem with that is it can easily be pulled out along the way without you noticing and before you know it you've lost your place. That can be super frustrating! 

You can buy stitch markers or you can make your own. I never thought about making my own until recently when I turned a huge clam shell into a crochet caddy for myself. I was such a fun project, I did film the entire process on my crafty channel. Video here

Anyway, before wrapping up that project I thought it would be super cool to make a stitch marker using a small clam shell.  I also had to offer a couple different options so everyone can make on too and not have to have specifically a shell, or acorn, or a metal clip, or wire, on hand.

Let's all keep our stitch count safe. 

I hope you enjoy!

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