A Crochet Dragon Story With Free Patterns

Hello friends,

Today is April 2nd 2020 and I thought it was an excellent day to put a story together for you. With all the stuff going on in the world right now I feel that fun little stories provide a bit of a break from the news. With that said, I hope you're all keeping well and safe.

I did this same thing for my Trolls last week, if you're interested in that story, it's here.

As I designed each of the patterns I made up stories to go with them for my facebook page members. This Dragon story was told over a long stretch of time, from pattern release to pattern release. Now I've revised them and put them all on one page.
I hope you enjoy!

All pattern links ware in a list at the bottom of the story.

The day it all began,
One morning I made some horns for a little dragon I was designing but I was too busy to sew them on. They were pinned to his head for hours. Poor little guy!

Ah, but this is life, and I have learned there is strength found in patience and it's good he learns this while he is young.
(Easy for me to say, I don't have horns pinned to my head!)

Anyway, let's get to the story,

The Wizard Meets The Dragon,
I went into my craft room to get something when I heard the Grey Wizard call my name. I love talking with that guy so I was happy to go see what he wanted.

He said, "I see you have a little Dragon on your table. Please, bring me to him." And I did just that.

The Wizard and the Dragon talked for a long time. I couldn't hear everything they said to each other but I did manage to overhear something pretty cool...

The Wizard asked the Dragon if he had learned how to breath fire. The Dragon said he had not breathed fire yet but wanted to so badly!

The Wizard told him, "You are not yet fully formed. I can see you need some work done here and there. You also need your horns sewn in. Once you are fully formed, my boy, I will come back and teach you how to breath fire." And with that said the Wizard left.

First things first,
The Dragon was very excited indeed! He asked me if it was true, would the Wizard really teach him how to breath fire?
I told him yes, the Wizard always keeps his promises! But first you have to get all your parts attached. Now let's sew those horns in, hold still...

He was fully formed,
When I was done sewing all the parts on, I stood back and looked him over. I could see he was fully formed and he was beautiful! I was proud of him.

Now the Dragon  had to keep himself busy until the Wizard returned. He decided to exercise  his wings whenever he could. He was flying around my craft room one day when  he saw her...

The Girl,
She lay daydreaming in a field of daisies and had the most beautiful hair he had ever saw. But more than that she had a way about her, there was something extra special about this girl.

The Dragon knew instantly she was the one. The one he would protect from harm. This was his purpose in life. She was everything to him!

He landed beside her and when his feet touched down the ground shook.

The girl was so startled she jumped to her feet. She lost her voice for a moment. She couldn't scream or do anything but stand there, paralyzed by fear.

Did I fall  asleep? Was this a dream, a nightmare? Is there really a Dragon right there in front of me? Has he come to steal me away and  eat me for lunch?  She had so many thoughts racing through her head all at once.  But then she noticed something amazing, he wasn't going to hurt her, he was looking at her with love in his eyes.

The more she looked at him the more beautiful he was. And he had the kindest eyes she ever saw! She was no longer afraid, in fact, he felt like an old friend now. She found her voice again  and let out a laugh, "What are you doing sneaking up on me like that? I almost had a heart attack!"

The Dragon apologized for freaking her out and came in a bit closer to her. She asked,
"Do you breath fire?"

The Dragon told her  he did not breath fire yet but the Grey Wizard promised to teach him how.  He said so proudly, "I will be a mighty Dragon then and I will protect you forever!"

She giggled, "You will be my small but mighty Dragon."  Then she asked, "What's your name?" He let her know that he didn't have one yet. She thought about it for a moment then remembered a Hebrew name she had read about, Ari, and that it meant brave. The Dragon really liked that so they decided together that would be his name.

Ari, the small but mighty dragon! Just as they settled on his name, they both saw him...

Little Boy Knight in Shining Armor,
He was running towards them yelling, "Get back, Dragon! Get away from that girl! I have come to save her. Here I am, girl! Your Knight in Shining Armor has come to save you!"

He was a brave boy indeed.

No thank you,
The girl yelled at him, "Stop right there, Knight! I don't need you to save me. You stay away from Ari, he is my friend!"

With that said she jumped on the Dragon's back and they flew away together leaving that boy standing there with his sword and shield raised high but nobody to save. The Little Boy Knight said to himself,  "I just lost the most beautiful girl I ever saw to a stupid dragon."

A few days later, 
Ari found himself once  again in my craft room sitting on my table. This time it was different. He felt stronger and a bit taller than the last time he was on my table. He had changed!

A baby no more,
It wasn't long ago he still had his baby spikes on top of his head but those fell off and now the adult  horns are growing in their place. His skin has gotten tougher, it's not so soft now. He noticed his wings could carry him much further than ever before. He knew he was becoming the mighty dragon he was meant to be.

Ari was remembering what the Grey Wizard had promised him.  And just like that, before he could even blink twice, there he was!

A Wizard always keeps his promise,
Ari told him how well he can fly now, he showed off  his new horns, and told him all about that girl and what she named him. The Wizard was happy to hear how well the Dragon was getting on in life and could see he was fully formed. He said, "My boy! Look how you've grown! I will teach you how to breath fire. Are you ready, Ari?"

The Dragon tried not to jump up and down from excitement. He had been waiting for this day for so long. But he somehow managed to keep his feet on the ground and said he was ready.

Small but mighty,

The Wizard told him that there was fire  inside every mighty dragon, even the small ones. "You are small but you are a mighty dragon, Ari! Now concentrate. Picture that fire inside your belly and  let it out." The Wizard stood back to give him some room to breath.

The Dragon tried and tried,
But nothing but puffs of smoke would come out. No matter how hard he concentrated or pictured that fire in his belly, nothing. Nothing but smoke!

He doubted himself and wasn't sure he was mighty enough. Maybe he was too small after all.

"Are you sure I have fire in my belly?" he asked. The Wizard stepped through the smoke more determined than ever. He coughed, waved the smoke away, and said..

"YES! You have fire in your belly! It's in there, deep inside, waiting for you to set it free. Now think, Ari, think about someone you love with all your might and they're in danger. Think about that girl,  something terrible is about to happen and you must save her!" He rested the top of his staff on Ari's belly, "You must save her with fire! Feel the fire inside you. Do it Ari, Save that girl!"

Ari thought about that little girl he met in the field of daisies. She was everything to him, he had sworn to protect her forever. He knew he must save her! He must save...

before he could finish that thought, there was a spark! Then a flame!

He almost lost his hat,
The Wizard's eyes grew wide with excitement. "There it is! Ari! There's the fire from your belly. You just had to believe in yourself!"

The Wizard let out a laugh. It was a genuine laugh filled with pride. He clapped his hands and went to step back a bit further but before he could  he heard a deep rumble then a ...
The Wizard almost lost his hat!

Long after Ari learned to breath fire, 
The Little Boy Knight was wandering around the forest missing that girl he saw before and wishing he had somebody to save. He had just walked around a bend in the trail when he saw her..

OH! She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen!

She has hair as black as a raven. Her crown sparkled in the sun. There was something about her that made her extra beautiful...look at that dress.. she's beautiful! Yes! I will save her in her time of need. I will fight for her to the death!

Okay, okay.. he did think the very  same thing when he saw that other girl but that girl's dragon was really annoying.  But THIS girl! This girl was the most beautiful girl he had ever.....

Walking a bit further he could see everything more clearly now. What the...? Is that a dragon?

Nooooooo! What is it with these girls and dragons!

The little girl turned around and stared that boy right in the eye. It was like she heard all his thoughts and she was not happy with what she heard.

"Yes, it is a dragon! Her name is Sairina. She sparkles in the sun just like my crown. You stay away from my Dragon, Knight! I don't need you to save me!"

With that said the girl and her sparkly dragon turned and walked away together leaving that poor boy standing there with his sword and shield and nobody to save..

On that same day,
Ari and the Girl were flying around playing with the clouds when the Girl spotted something glittering on the ground. She told her Dragon to bring her closer to see what it was.

The Dragon landed right beside it and they could clearly see now what it was. There before them was a handle of a sword with the blade buried inside a large stone. The sunlight was dancing on the golden parts of the handle making it sparkle. This was very exciting.

"Oh my!" said the girl, "It's so beautiful! But why is it stuck inside that large stone?"

Before the Dragon could offer his thoughts, and before she could take a closer look at it , that Boy Knight suddenly appeared again. That boy was always showing up at the wrong time!

The Girl didn't know that he had also seen something glittering in the sun while he was walking through the forest and had come to get a closer look.

"STOP!" yelled the Boy Knight as he threw his own sword in the bushes so nobody could see it.  "That's mine! I uh.. I.. I lost my sword, and there it is. Yes. That's my sword."

He figured if he had that sword then maybe a girl would finally let him save her. Yes, he needed that sword. It would make him more powerful and brave looking.

The Girl was not convinced, in fact she laughed. "You lost your sword, did you, and there it is? You lost your sword inside that big stone!  I don't think that's the real story, is it Knight?"

The Boy didn't answer but Ari shook his head no, as if to answer for him. He didn't believe that story either. I mean, who would?

The Wizard Always Arrives Right On Time,

Suddenly the Grey Wizard appeared there with them all. He seems to always show up at the right time! He told them he knew what that sword was and where it came from and, most importantly, why it was there.

He said, "That there is the 'Sword of Wisdom'. It has been there for hundreds of years.
Many girls and boys have tried to pull it from the stone but it will not come out. The sword is waiting for a true heart, a heart that desires wisdom more than power. Only when that true heart is found will the sword come out of the stone. Whoever pulls that sword out of the stone will become the wisest warrior the world has ever known"

As he spoke those words the Girl felt a funny feeling in her heart. It felt like a gentle tug and like butterflies all at the same time. She felt drawn to the sword and was about to say something when the Boy Knight jumped forward..

He tried and tried,
The Little Boy Knight ripped off his helmet, dropped his shield, ran at the stone and said, "It's me! I have a heart of wisdom. I want wisdom more than power!"

He climbed to the top of stone, grabbed the handle, and pulled up with all his might.

He grunted and pulled on the sword with all his might until his face turned all different shades of red. This struggle went on for a couple minutes but the sword only went deeper into the stone.

Embarrassed, and defeated, the boy  got off the stone knowing the sword will never come out of there. He knew it was stuck forever. He put his helmet back on and picked up his shield. He was about to leave when the Girl climbed to the top of the stone. The boy laughed at the girl sarcastically, "If it wouldn't come out for me, it definitely won't come out for a girl!"

She felt it in her heart,
She knew somehow that she was supposed to try even though she just watched the boy try and fail miserably.

She felt joy inside her heart as soon as her hands touched the handle. She didn't even pull hard when the sword began to slide upwards, so smoothly, it was as if the stone was made of butter.

Before she could even blink, or think, the Girl was holding the sword up in the air and everyone gasped. Ari let out a huge breath of fire, the boy's mouth fell open, and the Grey Wizard cheered!

It was her! She was the one who desired wisdom more than power! The Wizard and Ari both knew there was something very special about that Girl the very moment they each laid eyes on her.

With the sword by her side she grew up to be the wisest warrior that ever was. People came from all over the world to learn from her wisdom. Her and Ari stayed best of friends forever and together they freed all the captured Dragons in the world and brought peace to everyone.

The end.

I hope you enjoyed the story today and it brought a smile to your wonderful face. If you would like to make any of these characters, the patterns are free. I would sure love to see them if you do! Please post pictures on my facebook page Amigurumi Freely or tag me on instagram. 

Pattern links,

1) Small But Mighty Dragon
2) The Girl
3) Crown for the Girl
4) Little Boy Knight
5) Sword
6) Stone
7) Grey Wizard
8) The Wizard's Staff

9) I do have a much larger Dragon pattern available  here.

One last thing!
If you have troubles coming up with names for your Dragons, or any other character, I show you how I come up with names here.


  1. Oh My!!! Just what I needed Sharon. Thank you so much.
    I went searching for your website and patterns just now after a long hiatus.
    You are so creative. Thank you for making my day so much brighter.
    Hugs, Gail

    1. aww, you made my morning, Gail!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, it made me smile!

  2. This is my first visit, and these little crochets are soooo cute. And love the stories. Ahhhh so talented, and yes I love minions, but they do over do it. I can see how one would get tiered of them. Thank you for the minion roast, I love the way you made the fire pit. Thank you other pats as well. Stay safe and God bless you and your family.

  3. I'm working on making 2 sets of these, maybe 3 for my grandsons. I would like to give them the story with it but I don't know if that would be right. It might be better for them to invent their own story.
    I've made the adorable tree and friends set for my 2 yr old granddaughter. She's going to love it. I love it.


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