The Knight has won!

He finally won!
lol he was fighting for the Girl but that didn't go as he had hoped. But he did win the votes to be the next pattern I release on my blog. He will be the first pattern of 2019.. I do not have a release date but if you are on facebook, watch my page Amigurumi Freely. I keep that page updated on what's happening and when.

When was he made?
I made that little Knight last year and he became part of the Dragon story. If you like short stories, here's they are. I hope you enjoy!

1) The Wizard Makes a Promise
2) The Wizard Keeps His Promise
3)  A Girl and Her Dragon


  1. Cómo admiro tu creatividad, Sharon!!! Tu pequeño caballero es realmente adorable! ♥
    Un abrazo!!!

  2. Nice! I'm making the dragon at the moment, I hope he will be as beautiful as yours. Maybe I will make the knight as well, but than I have to make another dragon, because the one I'm working on is for a man who collects them whithout knights.

  3. I am almost done with big red dinosaur and now I can't find link

  4. Your work is amazing. I have learned so much with your blogs, patterns and videos. I recommend you to all crocheters. Thank you. ~Kim


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