How To Crochet A Small Pumpkin - With Video Tutorial

Let's crochet a pumpkin!
I have a beginner friendly video for crocheting a small pumpkin. It is for the absolute beginner. It will show you how to crochet a magic ring, how to crochet the pumpkin, how to add the lines, how to crochet the stem and sew it in place.

Learn as you watch,
During this video I show you how to read the rows of the written pattern. If you have never crocheted before or are still learning, this video is for you!
The written pattern is here

Make it Grumpy!
Or happy, it's up to you. Once you make the pumpkin you can add a face. I have a video for that too.
I hope you enjoy!

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  1. These are so cute and have such personality, thank you. Can't wait to see Frankie to complete the all your patterns


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