Friday, March 27, 2015

Easy Spring Dress and Basket of Carrots Tutorial Now On Youtube!

bunny wearing yellow crochet doll dress
Hello Friends!

Well I finally managed to get some videos done for the Dress Me Bunny! Available now are the Basket of Carrots and the Easy Spring Time Dress. Bunny pattern is here.

For the dresses I used Red Heart Comfort Yarn in Bright Yellow 3182 and also in Shocking Pink 3194. The hems on both dresses along with the bows are done with
White 3130.
Written pattern here and video tutorial here.

The basket and carrots are also done with Red Heart Comfort Yarn in Mocha 3191, Tango 3232 and Emerald 3233.
Written pattern here and video tutorial here


amigurumi bunny wearing pink crochet dress
bunnies with basket of carrots

The Spring Time Dress is the easy pattern I designed for the beginner. It's made with all single crochet stitches. I hope you enjoy the patterns and please feel free to show off your photos on my facebook page, Amigurumi Freely

  Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and help keep the patterns free. If you do give a donation, please accept this note as my sincere thanks and know that you have helped a great deal.

Copyright 2015 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved

My hope is that you have enjoyed this pattern. You may sell finished products. Do not reprint this pattern. If you'd like to share this pattern please link back to it.  



  1. They're so cute and ready to have a happy Eastern ;)
    Greetings from Holland, Wendy
    Wendy's Mhaaksel

  2. Oh my......bunny! What beautiful she is with her lovely basket. You did a great job, thank for this pattern set!

  3. My bunny came out half the size that it should've been.. Help! I did use worsted, is that the problem? Thank you

    1. you most likely used a light worsted weight yarn. Red Heart Comfort yarn is a medium worsted weight.
      And which bunny did you make? I have 2 different patterns available. One is the Little Bigfoot Bunny and that is 8 inches tall and the Dress Me Bunny is 15 inches tall.

    2. I did use the written pattern for the dress me bunny. I'm also thinking I didn't stuff it enough. Thank you for responding. I love al your patterns!

  4. We are doing your bunny and the dress plus the basket of carrots if we want as our April CAL on Google plus. Both the patterns and the videos are very helpful and clear. Thanks.

  5. Thank you for all of your patterns! i have made almost all of them!

  6. Hello! I had a question about the shoes for the dress me bunny. Are they supposed to be just a bit loose fitting or should they be snug? I was wondering because with mine they are just a little loose

    1. I think a bit more on the snug side but if they stay on with the strap on then that should be ok. If they are at risk of falling off and you don't want to remake them a bit smaller using a smaller hook then you could try weaving a strand of yarn along the top edge of the shoes, place the shoes on the bunny then pull the strands of yarn until the shoes are fitting better. Tie of the yarn strands then take the shoes off and weave in the yarn tails to hide them. I hope that helps!

  7. can u make a sun hat for the bunnies? that would be so cute. Thanks for the patterns

  8. Hola, te escribo de Perú.Quiero decirte que haces un buen trabajo, no entiendo tu idioma, pero puedo seguir tus explicaciones y realizarlo. Estoy haciendo el conejo para mi bebé 👶 en mis ratos libres. Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos. Bendiciones!!

  9. I have just finished the bunny. Will soon make the dress. You have such creative ideas!! I watch some of your youtube videos. I am a big fan. Are you going to make more outfits?? God bless you and have a great day!!(:(:

  10. Hi Sharon! My name is Liliana and I’m a big fan. I’m from Colombia and I’ve been working with your patterns for a couple of years. Your work is perfect, thanks!
    Today i have a question: can I use this pattern to dress my Little Bigfoot Elephant? Thanks again!
    Ps: i will donate soon :)