International Amigurumi Day Pattern Round Up

It's finally happened! Amigurumi got its own day, wahoo!
I don't know who first decided to declare April 25th the special day, I've seen a number of posts on facebook today announcing that 2019 is the first year for this International Amigurumi Day to happen. Let's celebrate with a pattern round up and a little bit of how I got started:

Pattern Round Up, As numbered in the photo above:
1) Cutie Pocket Bat
2) Wee Koala
3) Cuddle Me Puppy (This one is large!)
4) Little Bigfoot Monkey
5) Mini Safari Friends

Amigurumi Actually Changed My Life!

It's true. In 2010 I learned to crochet so I could make a Christmas gift for my son. His awesome reaction to that gift filled my heart with so much joy, I can't even describe it in words. I wanted you to feel the same joy I did and thus began this blog of free patterns, Amigurumi To Go. I now run this blog full time and yes, all my patterns are still free.

I also started a youtube channel (using my name, Sharon Ojala). My videos help the beginner understand my patterns, most of the videos are row by row tutorials.

Oh my goodness, my youtube channel is now super close to 250,000 subscribers! I'm so excited about that. If you haven't already, please sub here or click the play button
I picked a radon pattern for you today, a colorful Little Bigfoot Puppy. He's so cute and there's 9 more in this LBF series! Get them here 

A Gallery View,
I have close to 200 free amigurumi patterns of my own design that I started sharing for free in 2011. You can see them all in a gallery view on my Ravelry Designer page. You don't have to be a member to view, each one links back to my blog and directly to the pattern. See them here

The Smiley Happy Face Pattern:
The Smiley Face was the very first pattern that I designed completely on my own in 2011. I did post a couple before this one that were modified versions of another designer's pattern but the Smiley is my very first unique design. I'm very proud of that pattern!

I'm Getting Better At It,
Keep in mind the Smiley Face is an old pattern and the video that goes with it is old and poor quality but it's still helpful if you need the video help. Each year I get a bit better at the videos, lol and I'm still learning! Get the Smiley Face pattern here

Happy International Amigurumi Day!

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  1. Thank you Sharon for all you do! I have made many of your critters that live in my house and that I given to friends. You have inspired me and helped me learn so many techniques.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that, it makes me very happy!

  2. Thank you, Sharon, for the wonderful patterns! I wonder how do you design your own patterns. Any tips to share?

    1. Most of the time I'm totally inspired to design something and it comes very easy and fast for me. It's hard to describe that process. If I design when I'm not inspired then I just think of whatever it is I want to create or take a picture off google then recreate the shapes for each piece in that picture. A head and body, then legs and arms, all very simple designs. Do I want long or short arms, a fat or skinny body. Once you have increases and decreases fully understood then those shapes come pretty easy. Write everything down along the way. Then sew it together. Normally, about 1/2 way through you'll think that it won't work but just keep with it. Once the pieces are sewn together you'll be surprised at what you made. I hope that helps a little!

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  4. These are great. I certainly can be if it from your printouts. Thank you.

  5. I really, really, really, appreciate your work !!! Thank you soooo much for sharing your work !
    I have been crocheting for almost 50 yrs but I never considered creating my own patterns.... I guess I just love the challenge of creating a new beautiful Doily... but you have inspired me, thank you !


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