Smiley Happy Face Free Crochet Pattern

Such a great thing the Happy Face,
It brings you joy just seeing a happy face. Everyone should have one and with that in mind let's make one together.

I am particularly proud of this guy being the very 1st crochet pattern I made myself. We have an Aunt in the family who likes the Happy Face and we call her our "Happy Face Aunty", so of course when I was to make her something I knew just what it had to be!

Special notes: I worked in continuous rounds with a 3.75mm hook and worsted weight yarn. He is about 6 inches tall. Have any questions or if you come across a mistake in the pattern please leave a message in the comment section below.

Single crochet (sc)
Crochet 2 stitches together (2tog)
Slip stitch (sl st)
Back Loops Only (BLO)
Front Loops Only (FLO)
finish off (f/o)

With yellow: Video tutorial here: part one

1) Make a magic circle 6 (6)
2) 2sc in each st (12)
3) 1sc then 2sc in the next st (18)
4) 1sc in next 2st then 2sc in the next st (24)
5) 1sc in next 3st then 2sc in the next st (30)
6) 1sc in next 2st then 2sc in the next st (40)
7) 1sc in each st
8) 1sc in next 3st then 2sc in the next st (50)
9) 1sc in each st
10)1sc in next 3st then 2sc in the next st (1sc in last 2st of the row) (62)
11-12) 1sc in each st for 2 rows
13-14) In the BLO 1sc in each st for 2 rows (62)
15-18) In both loops 1sc in each st for 4 rows
f/o leaving a tail for sewing

Repeat steps above to make back side but skip row 12
You will fit the 2nd piece you make into the 1st as pictured below. Before sewing the 2nd to the 1st make a nose by creating a knot or chain 4 or 5 and sew into the middle of the magic circle you started out with. If you make a 2 sided Happy Face as I did then make 2 noses.

smiley pieces front and back
the 2nd piece fits nicely into the 1st
smiley face almost sewn closed
I did not sew in the face yet as it is easier to center the face once the legs are on
smiley face sewn closed
Sew edges together all the way around


With yellow
1) Pick up 12 stitches in a circle (12)
2) 2sc in each st (24)
3-5) 1sc in each st for 3 rows
6-8) switch to white and 1sc in each st for 3 rows (24)
9) Before finishing the last stitch of row 8, switch to black and in the BLO 1sc in each st for 1 row (24)
10) crochet 2tog around in the BLO until you close up the hole, * remember to stuff the leg before closing!

Do same for 2nd leg
Now for the top part of sock, with white, chain 24 and 1sc in each across starting with 2nd chain from the hook. Finish off and sew onto top part of sock as pictured.

For the black edge around bottom of shoe, insert black and 1sc in each around the front loops of row 8. Slip stitch the last stitch and finish off. Sew the remaining yarn tails into the leg.

ARMS: with no fingers (with fingers look for option 2 below)
The 1st and last front loop stitch of row 8 might not match up but no worries they even out once you crochet them together with the black

1) With yellow pick up 6 stitches where you want the arms to be (6)
2) 2sc in each st (12)
3-4) Fold the top part of arm in half to determine which is the top half of the arm and which is the bottom part. And in the BLO 1sc for 6 stitches of the top half. And in the FLO 1sc in each of the next 6 stitches. Do this for 2 rows. Doing the top part of the arm this way helps the arm to hang down and not straight out.
5-8) In both loops now 1sc for 4 rows
9) Switch to white, 1sc then 2sc in the next st (18)
10) 1sc in each st
11) 1sc, then 2sc in the next st (27)
12) 1sc in each st (27)
13) 1sc then 2tog around (18)
14) 2tog until you close the gap   remember to stuff before closing!
15) For cuff chain 15, 1sc in each ch starting in the 2nd ch from the hook. Finish off and sew to top part of hand as pictured

Option #2
For a Smiley Face with hands. (Do one face only)

At row 10 from instructions above is where you'd start the fingers. If you need help with the fingers, I have a video tutorial on youtube... click here

For the eyes, I cut pieces of felt and glued them in place and the smile I sewed in with a length of yarn.

click here to see how I did mine

I hope you  enjoyed this pattern!
Why donating is important and my thank you here.

Copyright 2011 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go All rights reserved 


  1. Thank you for posting Smiley Happy Face.

  2. It's very cute, and I made one, but I noticed no instructions for the smile and eyes. Can you add those to the pattern? Thanks

  3. Hi Kathy, the eyes I cut from felt and hot glued them in place. And the smile is made by a length of yarn if you watch this video I show how to sew in the smile.
    If you use this link I have it so it will start right at the face part. Highlight, copy and paste into your address bar

  4. Kathy, you can also highlight, right click on the blue and click on "open link"

  5. How far do you seperate the legs from each other?

    1. Hi Jackie, I never measured how far but if you take a look at the prt 2 of the video tutorial you can see where I put one leg then started the other... hope that helps!

  6. This is such a cute pattern, and just what a friend of mine needs. I do have a question. When you add the sc in rows, 14, 16, etc, how do you add them. Do you add them all at the end of the round, so that you crochet in the starting stitch (as marked by the stitch marker)... in essence going around 1 plus 3 sc (for example) and then beginning the new round with the next stitch? I hope this makes sense. :o)

    God bless and thank you for any help you can give me. I'm looking forward to finishing this.
    with God all things are possible

  7. Oops, never mind. I figured it out. I had my patterns mixed up. This is next on my list. :o)

    God bless...

    1. Hi Marlicia, I'm so glad! I was just going to link you to the video because I wasn't sure what you meant but now all is good, whew!

      Thanks for the messages and God Bless You too :)


  8. This is so cute, am going to make some for my nieces and nefews, they all just love anything to do with smileys. Thanks again, keep up the good work


    1. That's awesome!! He makes a great gift, nothing like giving someone a smile :)

      Happy Crocheting!!

  9. Das ist ja ein obersüßer Smilie geworden!!! Vielen lieben Dank für die Anleitungen, ich habe schon einiges gezaubert.
    LG Annette

  10. This is such cute pattern. I have no idea how you made this up on your own. You are very talented.

  11. This Pattern is ubber cute!!
    A friend of mine that crochets to asked me if i can translate it to dutch voor here. would that be a problem for you? i can send you the translation too so that if one ask you can suply it your self

  12. Hi Sharon! I tried to send a comment not sure if it went through. I can't believe this was your very first pattern. Happy Amigurumi Day! I guess I have been following you since about day 1. I love all your amazing patterns they are all written very clearly and you are so helpful your you tube channel is just as amazing and very helpful. I will be crocheting some more of these cute HAPPY FACES, I think everyone needs a smile! Thank you so much for all your hard work in creating all these wonderful patterns! You are very talented with your gnome house also. Thanks again! Amanda

  13. I’m confused on making the arms. What do you mean by pick up 6 stitches where you want arms to be. Is it worked on rnds in a magic circle?

    1. This pattern is from 2011, it does have a video. If I remember correctly I do show how in the video, link will be above the actual start of the pattern. However, if it’s not in the video, you can, Google “how to pick up stitches in crochet” and you’ll find the answer there. Hope that helps. Thanks for asking!


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