When Everything In The Forest Is Looking At You

crochet pumpkins ghosts and bats
It was a vision!
I was working on a pattern last night when I got a vision for a photo shoot. It was so fun to see it in my mind I immediately had to crochet up a few pumpkins. This morning I set up my little forest with my Bats, Ghosts, and freshly crocheted Pumpkins. My vision  made it into  reality!

Say cheese,

When I got this image in view of my camera, I looked up and said "Say cheese everyone!" lol I might or might not be losing it... just a little.

Crochet Pattern links:
Grumpy Pumpkin
Cutie Pocket Bat
Pocket Ghost

If you are interested in seeing how I made my trees, I have a whole other set of sites for that!

Youtube Channel ~ Where The Gnomes Live
Crafty Blog ~ Where The Gnomes Live
Facebook page for my miniatures ~ Dollhouses And The Things That Go In Them

Spooky Tree:
I recently uploaded "How To Make A Spooky Tree" in honor of October. That video is on my other youtube channel here

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  1. These are so adorable Sharon, I am so excited waiting for the pumpkin pattern,thankyou for your inspiring work.


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