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Fierce or Sleepy Dragon Part Two ~ Stuffing and Shaping The Pieces

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For the written pattern please click here
There is a part three (assembly) page here

There is also a video series on youtube for every single part of this dragon, I show how to crochet each row, how to stuff and shape, I've left nothing out. 14 videos in one playlist  here

If you had troubles stuffing the body as you went through the written pattern, not to worry, you can add more stuffing and shape now. Note the shaping of the body here. Where we did majority of the hdc's at the start of the pattern is the belly. Stuff the belly full, shape as you stuff. A little further up is where we will attach the arms then above that is the neck. The part where we did the majority of hdc's in the
neck area is the back of the neck. Take advantage of the spaces inside as you stuff. Take your time!

The head has a couple rows of hdc's and that is the top of the head. Stuff and shape accordingly.

Lay the tail flat with the finishing  yarn tail in the center. Make a ridge on the tail by pinching the top surface of the tail all the way down to the tip of the tail. The start of the ridge should be about an inch tall getting gradually shorter to the tip. Use the yarn tail and weave in and out through the bottom of the ridge you made to hold the shape.

To make the spikes, insert yarn through the tip of the tail and ch1. Now working along the very top of the ridge you made, 1sc in next space, 1hdc in next space, 1sc in next then sl st next space. That was the beginning of the tail now for the rest of the tail repeat this sequence to the last spike: ch2 then 3dc in next space, 1sc next space then sl st next space. Repeat. There should be a bit of space between the last spike and the edge of the tail when you get to the other end, just put 1sc in the next couple spaces and f/o. Weave yarn tails in.

I did not design left and right. There are 4 pieces that make up the wings. 2 outer wings, same color as body and 2 inner wings that are made with an alternate color. Lay them out first to see how they will look. View the photos below to get the idea of how they will look when they are done. I did my very best to explain how to crochet these pieces in the written pattern. If you have troubles view the video.

First stretch out the outer wing with your fingers, especially stretch out the longest tip of the outer wing. Lay the inner wing on top, you should be able to see the outer edge of the outer wing all the way around. Use a strand of yarn the same color as the outer wing to sew the pieces together. Go along the edge of the inner wing, make short stitches and pull tight, once you pull tight you should no longer see the darker color yarn.
Once you have the inner and outer pieces sewn together add the pipe cleaner. Here I sewed in one pipe cleaner but later on with my other dragons I used 2. It's up to you how many you use. If you use 2, just twist them together for easier handling. Lay the pipe cleaner on top of the outer wing's edge. The ends of the pipe cleaner should meet each other at the rounded part of the wing so that no ends ever poke through in the future. Whip stitch it in place, all the way around, taking your time to follow the shape of the wing. If you have a similar colored pipe cleaner to the color of your out wing it will be a bit easier. As you can see I used black here and it worked out fine. I just had to make sure there were no spaces between my whip stitches and I completely covered up the pipe cleaner. Cut off excess pipe cleaner

Once you have the pipe cleaner sewn in place you can now shape the wing. Pinch the tips together and shape the top edge as desired.

These are pretty easy, just roll and sew the end like a taco. Make sure that you roll the wrong side facing the inside of the roll. Also make sure to roll in the opposite direction when you roll the 2nd ear. You want the ears to look the same once they are sewn onto the dragon!

I won't go into how to make fingers here as it is a whole tutorial in itself. I do have a video for this arm and hand on youtube here.

There are 2 different eye patterns. One for the Fierce dragon and one for the Sleepy looking dragon.  For the Fierce dragon, the pupils are added just by wrapping a different color yarn. Feel free to play around with different style eyes if you want to as these are pretty basic. Video here

You can make the dragon's head change looks quite a bit by adding in ridges just like we did for the tail. Pinch the part you want to have a ridge then weave a yarn tail in and out along the bottom of the ridge to hold its shape. Then you can add in some sc's, dc's and  hdc along the top of the ridge to make it tall or short, sharp or softer looking. I start the beginning of the ridge by inserting and pulling the yarn through, ch1 then 1sc, 1hdc and if I want a tall spot then add in a 1dc or 2. Feel free to play around with different looks. For the fierce dragon the ridge got sharper looking ridges by adding in dc's in the middle, the sleepy looking dragon has more rounded ridges for a softer look and he didn't get a ridge on the snout. Again, you can play around with that. (The mouth should be sewn on after the head is sewn to the body. Please wait for the assembly section for the mouth part. A ridge can be added to the mouth as well but after it is sewn to the head).


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If you would like to share this pattern, link back to it. Do not reprint or take photos. You can use one dragon photo from part one of this pattern for sharing and linking back to the pattern. You can sell finished products. Thank you. I hope you enjoy!


  1. The different eyes give your dragon a different look. I like both dragons, but I like the sleep dragon eyeballs the most. Thank you.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  2. Love this pattern so much. Thank you. I am making it with Aunt Lydias' Bedspread weight. I will try to post pics.

  3. zou heel graag bij jouw een paar haak lesen willen volgen .
    ik Nathalie Prins ben helemaal verlieft op jouw prachtige haakwerken meid ga voor al zo door top
    Nathalie Prins en op Facebook

  4. Where are the directions for spikes on the back of the body?
    Thanks Patty

    1. on this page you are commenting on. I just added red headings to each section so it'll be easier to see. Scroll up and look for, HOW TO MAKE THE SPIKES:

  5. Hi Sharon,
    I'm in the process of making Sleepy Dragon for our 10 year old grandson he is going to love it and I appreciate how you have explained the entire process step by step and with videos too. Thank you for sharing your talent. :D