Fierce or Sleepy Dragon Part Three of Three ~ Assembly

Welcome to the assembly page for the Dragon. If you get stuck, there's a video to help you through.

For part 1, the written pattern click here
For part 2, photos and instructions on shaping and sewing click here
For text and pictures of assembly scroll down this page.

1) Sew the tummy patch to the front and center of the dragon. Lay the patch over the dragon, the top of the patch should be at the top and just slightly below the open part of the dragon's neck. Once you have it centered, pin it all around so it doesn't move. Sew in place.

I never did it this way but you could add the lines on the tummy patch before you sew the patch on. I wonder if the lines would end up looking wonky though once the patch gets sewn in place?

2) Add in lines if desired over the patch. I did this for one dragon but not the others. I used embroidery thread and followed the ridges in the patch. I went in on one side of the patch, wrapped the thread over the patch and brought my yarn needle down through the other side and then into the body and up through the center of the patch. Wrap this 2nd thread around the 1st thread, go back down through the center and out the side. Knot off and hide thread tails and do each one separately or continue making more lines with your thread.

3) sew on tail but first stuff the tail, no need to stuff the tip. Stuff firmly and leaving some stuffing off the front as pictured. Pin tail in place, the bottom should be close to or touching row 1 of the dragon's body. Stretch the side out and pin, use lot of pins. I find it very helpful to use lots of pins, that way the piece does not move about while you sew. Whip stitch all around leaving a gap for more stuffing.

Once you get the tail sewn almost all the way around, stop and stuff more. Make sure to fill it up with stuffing, now is your chance. Take your time to make sure there's no gaps inside, fill it all then finish sewing the tail on

4) now you can add the spikes up the back. These are done the same way we did the tail except we do not work over a ridge, we will add the spikes right to the back by inserting our hook into the dragon and pull the alternate color through. Ch1, 1sc, sl st. Now repeat this sequence right up the back and neck being careful that you stay in a straight line, ch2, 3dc, 1sc sl st. Repeat.

5) sew on legs. Pin these on first and be certain they will help the dragon stand and that they are even. Sew the outer, front, top edge of the leg to the body of the dragon then flip it over and sew the inside of the leg to the body. Pull the yarn tight so that the leg gets sucked up tight to the body. This will keep the legs from being floppy, it will stand better if it doesn't have floppy legs.

6) sew the arms on. If you count the rings (rows) from the top of the neck downwards, I sewed the arms over the 19th and 20th ring (which is the 30th and 31st row of the body but less counting if you count from the neck downwards). I sew the inside of the arm to the body which leaves the arm somewhat movable. Again, you can pin the on and be sure of placements before sewing in permanently.

7) sew the wings in place. They are a bit higher than the arms. Sew each one on either side of the spikes.

8) Sew the head on. Make sure you have the top of the neck stuffed full and firm before sewing head on. I think the blue one's head is sewn a little too far back. I prefer the position of the red one's head.

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  1. You are amazing...People like me can follow instruction....but the making of the patterns are terrific. TY Linda

  2. This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for a fantastic pattern and all your works as always!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. This is awesome. Such dramatic effect. The instructions are so clear I think I might be able to do this. Great work. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into this.

  4. Great pattern. Thank yo so much!

  5. Thank you SO much for a great pattern. I love it!

  6. Beautiful creations ! You are truly talented and so kind to share your craft with everyone ! Thank-you
    Bless you !

  7. Thank you for sharing these patterns. Making for my grandson. I am so greatful.

  8. thank you for pattern its amazing

  9. Thank you for the pattern i love it

  10. Teşekkür ediyorum çok güzel yeğenime yaptım...

  11. Hello, thank you for your amazing work and thank you for your free pattern. I just made two dragons for my grandsons and they are absolutely happy!!!

  12. My 4year old grandson just told me his Christmas wish list, it included a dragon stuffy. I have been searching for a pattern when I came across yours, Thank you so much for providing it, Now all have to do is search my stash for some blue yarn, as that is the color he told me his dragon needs to be. Thanks again for your talent and kindness in sharing. I will be watching for more of your adorable patterns!

  13. I just made my second one.
    I did one about 5 years ago for an adult niece who just looks bed it. She told me just a few months ago it is a prized possession and will always be displayed!

    Today I just finished the second one for a dear friend. She raved over my first one and will be thrilled when she gets hers!

    I absolutely love this pattern! It is super easy to follow and turns out beautifully!


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