Winter Friends Set Pattern Links With Gallery

The Winter Friends set includes the mouse, bunny, winter hats and scarves, snow mouse, 2 regular sleds and one carrot sled. They are all individual patterns. I created this page to have the links to each pattern in one convenient post.

English Pattern links:

  1. Winter Bunny
  2. Winter Mouse
  3. Snow Mouse
  4. Winter Hat and Scarf
  5. Regular Sled
  6. Carrot Sled

Translations available:
Thanks to Henne Winter, available in German here
Thanks to Christina Stjernhoolm, available in Danish here
Thanks to Jeanette Kemp, available in Dutch here 

Why donating is important and my thank you here.

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  1. These are Adorable! Excited about the updates with the post and video links. Thank You! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones

  2. very cute dolls . thank you for sharing the lovely patterns .

  3. They are so adorable! I can't wait to make them all! Thank you so much for sharing and Happy holidays to you!

  4. This is just an adorable set! Thank you so much for the free patterns and the up coming videos. Merry Christmas!!! Darlene P.

  5. Your winter friends are so cute. I love your patterns a lot. Thanks for making and sharing them.

    Dear greetings, Margaret

  6. sorry ik begrijp niet hoe ik aan de patronen kom ,wel steeds de foto's maar geen patroon,wie helpt mij

    1. the links are there, click on them. Scroll up above the pictures

  7. It is great
    But what can i do for alarger size
    Can i do adouble if sts you did
    Soory i am just beginner and egyptian

  8. Hello Sharon. A while back when I first started watching your creations you was working on the snowman from Rudulph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Did you ever get to finish him? Thanks Carrie miller

  9. im so bad! how do you finish off? Still cute!

  10. Hello Sharon,I must tell you how much all your creations have meant to me. All your hard work is so inspiring that I can,t make the items fast enough..such a joy. Thank you for sharing your God given talent. J Antons


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