Video Preview Of Next Pattern release GNOMES!

It happened again!

I'm sure some of you saw this coming. It all started off with a Yeti pattern that lead to a mountain pattern and as it often happens with me, that pattern lead to another and then another! I love inspiration when it hits.

Totally inspired by my small mountain pattern I saw in my mind's eye a log, but not just any log, one that was loaded with fungus and bugs and vines!So I got to work...

Mountain pattern here
Yeti pattern here

Gnome with short hat here

I had so much fun yarn doodling on the log. I hope you will have fun with it too as soon as I get it released. I talk about release dates in my video so please watch the video below for more info.

Pattern for the Hollow Log is here

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  1. Bello trabajo! No te imaginas lo que esperaré el tutorial para realizarlos. Espero llegue pronto
    Un cálido saludo.

  2. I'm in love with the gnomes! Can't wait for the pattern. But as I said earlier, I can't see any pics on this blog now( And the patterns are so much more easy to follow with pics. Anyway, you are awesome!

    1. what browser are you using? I haven't had anyone else say that is happening, so I would have to assume it's a glitch on your end or the browser you're using. Is it possible to try in another browser or device? Let me know if you can.


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