Another Monster Is Born And What A Brat!

Me:  Whatcha got there?
Gurgle: An eyeball!
Me: What cha going to do with.. ewww!
Gurgle: burp

Meet Gurgle,
Aside from loving eyeballs, he's pretty harmless. This is a pattern I am currently working on for you. I just finished him last night and my youngest son named him Gurgle. I thought that was a perfect name!

Release date:
I don't have a date at this moment. Today I'm working on a 2nd version without the zipper for those who might be afraid of working with the zipper. With that said,  the zipper goes in easier than it looks.

PATTERN UPDATE: Gurgle's pattern is now available here

I made the Blue Monster and sewed the zipper on after he was stuffed and closed. I'm still working on these patterns.

A pattern for a large eyeball was released just today, Friday the 13th (Sept 2019)
Get the Eyeball pattern here

Thanks looking, come back soon!
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