How To Add The Print Option To Blogger Posts

Alright my friends, the printing problem has been solved!

Let's back it up a bit first in case you didn't know,

I recently switched themes on this blog and in doing so lost the print button at the bottom of all my patterns. I tried and tried to get it back but nothing worked. That means you could no longer print my patterns with ease, I was SO sad! But not to worry, there's a solution!

Thanks to a comment left for me on my facebook page Amigurumi Freely, I  know how you can print off my patterns, for free.  (thanks Shannon!)

Try it out!
You can turn any page into a print friendly page by using the print friendly option. Go here and paste the url address of the pattern you want to print into the bar they have provided for you. It works and it's free!


What is an URL address?

The url address is found in that bar as pictured highlighted in yellow below. (it's not normally yellow, I colored it so you can see it). An url address normally starts off with https: and can be very long. You have to copy that address and paste it into the Print Friendly.

If on a computer,
Right click inside the address bar and click on "select all" this will  highlight the contents of the  address bar in blue. Then right click inside  the blue highlighted area and click on copy. Go to the print friendly, right click inside the box and click on paste.

If viewing a page from a mobile or ipad please search google for how to find the url address on your device.


  1. Hi Sharon! I'm confused in what we URL address for your patterns to I put? Please help, I have been subscribed to you for many years and it says subscribe! Thank you for your wonderful patterns and all your hard work

    1. I just updated the post with a photo and instructions for finding the url of a page. And what says to subscribe?

    2. thank you so much for sharing, I had & lost it somehow with issues with my computer & didn't know how to get it back . thank you ,thank you ,thank you ... ♥


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