Crochet Tree and Friends Round Up

crochet amigurumi tree and small crochet animals

Crochet Tree and Friends,
Hello everyone! I put together another round up of free patterns for you. The tree is hollow and closes up like a pouch. It holds 3 to 4 of the animals inside it. I designed this tree with built in nests for friends to sit on top too!

Pattern links,
1) Nugget the Owl
2) Lil' Oak Hiding Tree
3) Stinky the Skunk
4) Sly the Lil' Fox
5) Koala, Frog, and Teddy
6) Small Acorn
7) Ace the Tiny Squirrel

Video tutorials available.
The tree itself has a full video tutorial. The small animals all have the same basic body pattern which I have a video for.

There's a separate video for the Squirrel since the head is shaped differently and I also show how to brush out the tail to make it fuzzy and full.

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  1. I LOVE your tree, thank you for sharing, i'm going to make one for my grandson

  2. Loving making it I'm just doing the little ones to go with it thank u


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