Crochet Puppy and Kitty Patterns And More About Me

Little Bigfoot Kitty and Little Bigfoot Puppy,
The kitty and puppy are more recent additions to a series I designed in 2014. Get these patterns, along with outfits and all other members in the LBF series, here

Now that you're here, did you know...
Did you know that I have 2 youtube channels? I do! One channel is for my crochet amigurumis. It's called (my name) Sharon Ojala. It's fast approaching  a quarter of a million subscribers! That's just mind blowing. If you haven't already, please subscribe here

 My latest crochet tutorial is for a carrot hugging bunny, it's an assembly video only but many of my tutorials are row by row.

I Also Build Homes For Gnomes and their Friends,
My other youtube channel is called Where The Gnomes Live.
Many people don't know that I also build dollhouses that look like trees and I have video tutorials on how I do it.  I'm actually building a forest in my craft room where my handmade Gnomes and their friends will live. It's a constant work in progress, one day I will write a book of stories about the Gnomes!

At home in my craft room,
Pictured is my gnome I needle felted to life in 2013. His name is Gnomey and his snail friend name is Freddy. I made him out of paper clay. He has a saddle so Gnomey can ride him, lol Everything you see was made by me aside from the store bought moss.

That youtube channel just passed 20,000 subscribers! Subscribe here.

A video tour and sad update,
Here is a video tour of one of the houses I built out of foil, masking tape and paper towels. It's was as sturdy as any tree you'd find in the forest! I say "was" because I recently took it apart and started over.. yes I know, that was a bit crazy since I had about 5 years worth of work into this house. It just wouldn't fit anywhere the way I built it. But now I am on my way to even bigger and better, and most important it now fits in my craft room. I was sad for a while but not anymore but I still miss that house now and then though!

Facebook page for the Gnomes,
The facebook page I use to share the Gnomes and their houses on is also called, Where The Gnomes Live. However, some of you might be more familiar with my original dollhouse page on facebook called, Dollhouses And The Things That Go In Them. I started that page in 2011.

In 2019 I decided to change names but facebook wouldn't let me so I had to start a whole new page. That was scary since I had a large following on my original page.. the members there are slowly moving over but change is hard for some people. Please visit my new facebook page here

I hope you get inspired!

Here's a more recent video tutorial I released for making Fairy House steps. I hope you enjoy it and maybe get inspired to build a little home of your own one day. Fair warning though, once you enter this world of fantasy and miniatures you might never be able to leave...

 Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again real soon!


  1. Thank you for the patterns you share so freely. Right now I'm working on Little Bigfoot Puppy and wanted to let you know that it was a little tough to find the ears section. But I did! You may want to nudge it down a line though. :) Its a bit hard to find.

    sl st next st and f/o leaving a long tail for sewing.
    How to stitch the nose in is on the assembly page. Ears:
    1) magic circle with 6sc (6)

    1. I'm glad you found it but I'm a little confused on why it was hard to find. I looked at the page just now, you scroll down the page as you go through each section, it's all there. Head/body then muzzle, ears, arms, legs and so on to the tail. Each section's title is written in red. Maybe you were scrolling fast and missed it is all I can think that happened.

    2. ohhh I think I got what you're meaning, the ears' title was probably stuck up in the muzzle section. That used to happen from time to time with the old theme I was using, it was to do with formatting. I've updated my blog with a new theme and those issues should be fixed now.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful patterns! I'm very new to crocheting and your 'follow along' videos really helped out a ton. Your videos are fantastic!!


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