New Members of the LBF Gang With Outfits

Happy days are here with 2 new members added to the Little Bigfoot Gang!
Little Bigfoot Kitty and Little Bigfoot Puppy.

More about this series of animals,
I started designing Little Bigfoots in 2012, but they were much smaller back then.
In 2014 and 2015 I redesigned most of them and made them bigger plus made their heads and bodies all one piece for easier assembly.
In 2017 I added new animals to the series and added the option of them in a sitting position.

The Little Bigfoots are all 9-10 inches tall aside from the giraffe which is 13 inches tall.

Where Can I Get The Patterns?
Puppy here 
Kitty here

You can find the rest of the patterns in the series  here.

Clothes For The Little Bigfoot Animals:
There's a pair of overalls here
A shirt and pair of pants here


  1. Is there a video for the colored one ?

  2. I always have loved your creations

  3. Thanks so much for all your AMAZING creations and help!

  4. The new animals are so cute. I love them both standing and sitting. Well designed and made.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  5. I am a huge fan of your work. Always get excited about it and always make them It is an adventure every time. Most of the toys I give out to kids. Thank You Sharon Ojala for your patterns.

  6. I just Love all your toy patterns! I just wanted to let you know that I have been making lots of your toy patterns for Operation Christmas Child. I made 225 assorted toys for OCC last year and I am making some again this year

  7. I LOVE all your patterns! SO cute, thank you!


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