Calling All Mice Lovers! One Mouse Pattern Different Sizes

Revisiting the mice pattern today, they make great tree ornaments!

One Pattern!

This is one pattern using different yarn and hooks to get 3 sizes. I first designed this little mouse in 2011, see on flicker here, but never released a pattern until 2017.
I changed the ears but kept everything else the same. It was released along with a video tutorial. Using worsted weight yarn makes the mouse a more manageable size for those who struggle working with threads.

Where to get the patterns?
Click on the photos below, they are links. The top one goes to the actual pattern, the smaller mouse and the micro mouse have their own page, the hooks and thread I used to make each one of the tiny ones is listed there.

Below the photos are 2 videos I posted on  instagram. I have 2 ig accounts, one for crochet and one for my miniatures and crafts

the 2 smaller ones, smaller than the Pocket mouse pictured in the first photo


  1. I love all your patterns! I have been lately crocheting mice! You are so talented with all your amazing patterns and your gnome family and house. Your mice are so cute. Thanks so much


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