The Head Of Frankenstein's Monster

Why just the head?
This Monster Head is the first part of an actual doll pattern. I'm releasing the head part first so you can get started and not have to wait for me to finish. With that said, this head can be used as a keychain or door hanger too, no need for a body then!
The body pattern is now available here

If you use the same yarn and hook size given in the supplies list then you should get a monster head about 2.5 inches tall.

Video Tutorial,

The video tutorial starts at the end of row 12 and was filmed in the following order: Where to add the safety eyes. How to stuff and shape the head. How to crochet the bobble nose. How to add yarn eyes and add a mouth. How to sew the forehead in place. How to crochet the last row of the hair. How to add staples and stitches. How to sew the hair down.

If not displaying above, the video is here. Please give the video a thumbs up if you find it helpful!
Scroll down this page for the written pattern.

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worsted weight yarn in black and green
For the green I used Red Heart Comfort in Melon Green
A small amount of grey, white and red to be used for details.
4mm hook
blunt end yarn needle for sewing
polyester stuffing
8mm safety eye or black yarn - I show how to add both in the video

st = stitch
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
ch1 = chain one
sl st = slip stitch
2tog = crochet 2 stitches together
f/o = finish off

How to read the rows when working in the round: 
Add a maker at the end of row 2 and move that marker each time you finish a row. Each row has a sequence. Example: 1sc then 2sc in next st means repeat that sequence 1sc then 2sc in next st followed by 1sc then 2sc in next st over and over to the end of that particular row. The number inside the parentheses ( ~ ) is the number of stitches you should have at the end of that particular row.

Starting at the top of the head with black
1) magic circle with 6sc (6)
2) 2sc in each st (12)
3) 1sc then 2sc in the next st (18)
4) 1sc in next 2st then 2sc in the next st (24)
5) In BLO, 1sc in each st, switch to green in the last st of this row (24)
6-11) 1sc in each st for 6  rows
12) 1sc in the next 2st then 2tog (18)
install the eyes in between the 8th and 9th row with 5 visible stitch holes between them.If using yarn for eyes, you can add these after the head is done and has been stuffed. Wrap yarn around the 8th row with 5 visible stitches between them. Add a mouth in between the 11th and 12th row.
13) 1sc then 2tog (12)
stuff head, do not over-stuff
14) 1sc in the next 4st then 2tog (10)
15-17) 1sc in each st for 3 rows
f/o, push the last 3 rows inside the head. You can stuff more inside the head if needed but do not stuff  the neck hole. See video if unsure.

Nose: with green
Turn the head upside down, insert your hook under the 9th row, ch1 then make a small bobble using 3dc. f/o and bring the yarn tail through the head and knot it off in the back of the head. Hide yarn tails inside head.

Forehead: with green
1) ch11
2) starting in the 2nd ch, 1sc in each ch (10) ch1 and turn
3-4) skip ch, 1sc in each st for 2 rows.
ch1 and turn at the end of  row 3, skip ch at the beginning of row 4.
f/o leaving a long tail for sewing

Hair and assembly of the forehead:
Next we will crochet the hair but we will be sewing the forehead in place after we complete the 2nd row of the hair and before we continue on with row 3 of  the hair.I did it this way so I could play around with the Picot stitches in row 3 making his hair messy where I wanted to.
I didn't have row 3 worked out before I finished filming the tutorial so this is the order it got filmed in. It worked out great so let's just go with how I filmed it.

Hair: with black
If you look at the head there are visible loops around the head that were created when we worked in the BLO for row 5 of the head.
1) Insert your hook into any loop, pull the yarn through, ch1 then put 1hdc in the next 2 loops then 2hdc in the next loop, repeat around. (32)
2) In the BLO 1sc in each st around. Stop, do not break free, sew in the forehead.
Place the forehead onto the head and sew the top edge in first just underneath the first round of hair. Then push the forehead piece up and sew the bottom edge in over the 7th row, just above the 8th row. You can bring your needle in between the 7th and 8th row while sewing. Be sure to sew the sides of the forehead too. If unsure, view the video. Knot off and hide yarn tails inside head. Now continue on with the hair.

Feel free to play around with this part. I wrote down part of the row for you, you can use the Picot stitches any place you want to, depending where your last stitch ended for row 2, the Picots might end up in a different place then mine did so again, feel free to play around with these stitches. You're going for a messy look, I used hdc, sc, sl st and the Picot stitch in this row to achieve the messy look.
3) 1hdc in the next 2st, sl st next 2st, 1hdc next st, 1sc next st, sl st next st, Picot next st using 3ch, sl st next st, 1sc next 2st, Picot next st using 3ch, sl st next 2st, 1sc next st, Picot next st and continue on to the end of the row alternating the stitches used in the first part of this row. In the back of the head I used 4ch for 2 of the Picots.
f/o leaving a tail for sewing.

Stitches, Scars and white in the eyes:
Before you sew the hair down add in scars and staples, this way you can hide the knots under the hair. If you would like to add white to the eyes, wrap white yarn across the bottom or the sides of the eyes. This is for yarn eyes only. Knot the yarn tails where the hair will cover them.
I used grey yarn and added 4 staples, 1 on each side of the forehead and 2 on the forehead itself. Using red yarn I added stitches across the forehead and also stitches on the side of the face. You can add these details anywhere you want.
Once you have all the details done, sew the points of each Picot down around the head, pulling the yarn snug enough to keep the Picots in place but not so tight it alters the shape.

These are crocheted onto the head. Insert your hook under the 9th row, put in 2hdc into the same space and f/o. Sew the ear in place, hide yarn tails inside head.
For the first ear I turn the head upside down when I inserted my hook, for the 2nd ear I did not turn the head upside down. This helps the ears  match  each other. View the video if you are unsure.

You're done the first part of the doll. Click here for the body

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