Anarya the Dragon

Meet Anarya,
Born on Sunday, June the 17th.

Anarya ~ Elvish day of the week. more info

The pattern,
It's not published yet. I have been going through the pattern for you, making it better here and there, adding a few more features. Anarya's wings have one more feature to be added yet but she was done enough to show her off to the world today. I might be releasing this pattern first as a CAL. I haven't totally decided yet but if I do, don't worry, once the CAL is over the pattern will be all on one page that can be printed off. Update: Use the search bar and type in "Small But Mighty Dragon"

People are coming over!
I have to put the yarn away now and get ready for our Father's Day dinner. The family is coming to my house in just 2hrs and right now it looks like a yarny bomb went off in here, yikes! lol

Who is pictured with Anarya?
I introduced the Blue Dragon a few days ago with a story here. I have to name him yet! And that is Daenerys, she loves dragons! Pattern yet to be released. Lots coming your way but...

gotta go clean my house now! See you soon...