Throw Back Thursday New Pattern On The Way

Happy Thursday!
Now I can show you part of what I've been working on. I waited for Thursday because this involves a throw-back to 5 yrs ago.

5 yrs ago I crocheted a tiny mouse for my dollhouse and it turned out so cute. I remember people asking for a pattern but I was afraid to post one since I thought back then that some parts would be way too hard to explain.
I was afraid!
It was fear that kept me from posting many things back then. I would try to do it then back out and just try to forget about it.

On my Flickr account I wrote this comment 5yrs ago,
"No tail yet, I am still figuring out how to crochet so small. I wrote the pattern as I went along so next I will go through the pattern and make it better. I also want to make a family for this one too. I'm still learning how to crochet with thread. It's fun!"

Flash forward to today,
I'm finally getting that family together, yay! All these years later, the only difference from back then is I opened up the ears to make them bigger.

I made 3 mice with different threads and yarns.
You can crochet with a 3.75mm hook and ww yarn or with a tiny hook and embroidery thread. It will be up to you. I also have some new tricks to share for the very tiny things.

I'm excited for this family of mice,
I made a Grandpa, mama, papa, little boy and a baby. Not all are pictured.

This pattern and a few more are in the works,
We are in the middle of a heat wave so it's been slowing me down a bit.. I'll get there though!

Here is my flickr account,
It's been a couple yrs since I was active there but here's the link to that tiny mouse posted all those yrs ago.

PATTERN Updates:
I'm so happy to finally be able to say the Mouse pattern has been posted. Click here


  1. Hi Shanon,
    Like Always; all your little cuties are great!! <3

  2. Qué chulos!!!estos ratoncitos tan minis.

  3. I can't wait for the pattern on these little mice!!!


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