Rainbow Sprinkles the Unicorn

Introduction & SIZE:
Meet the Little Bigfoot Unicorn. She is about 7 inches tall.
Date of birth: August 23rd 2017
I named the unicorn, Rainbow Sprinkles. The one with wings I named, Luna.

What's the difference between them:
Here's something I didn't know before posting the unicorn on my facebook page, unicorns do not have wings! Luna is not a unicorn, he's an alicorn. I've included instructions in this pattern to make your own alicorn. Here's a tidbit quoted directly from wikipedia;

"A winged unicorn is a fictional horse with wings like Pegasus and the horn of a unicorn. This creature has no specific name, but in some literature and media, it has been referred to as an alicorn."

Part of a series,
This unicorn is part of a series of animals that all use the same basic body pattern. You will need to make the basic body, link in the supplies list, then come back here for all the parts that make it a unicorn.
Okay, let's make a unicorn! Scroll down this page... (available in Danish here)

Copyright 2017 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved

Basic OG LBF body pattern found here
same yarn and hook you used to make the body with
blunt end yarn needle for sewing
Optional - sharp end yarn needle if you will embroider a patch
Optional - pink blush for adding color to the ears
polyester stuffing
Red Heart Comfort Yarn Color codes for Rainbow Sprinkles:
White 3130 - head, body, muzzle, arms, legs, ears, horn
Bright yellow 3182 - hooves
variety of colors - mane and tail
Optional - gold metallic embroidery thread

st = stitch
sc = single crochet
ch1 = chain one
sl st = slip stitch
2tog = crochet 2 stitches together
hdc = half double crochet
f/o = finish off

How to read the rows: Each row has a sequence as given below. Example: 1sc then 2sc in next st means repeat that sequence 1sc then 2sc in next st followed by 1sc then 2sc in next st over and over to the end of that particular row. The number inside the parentheses ( ~ ) is the number of stitches you should have at the end of that particular row.Add a marker at the end of row 2 and move that marker at the end of each row. 

Eyes: Feel free to play around with placements. The unicorn you see pictured has 7mm safety eyes in between the 6th and 7th row with 4 visible stitch holes between them.
Options for eyes: buttons, felt, paint, safety eyes, wrap yarn, or crochet them.

How to print the pattern,
Use the free print friendly service here

Body pattern here

1) magic circle with 6sc (6)
2) 2sc in each st (12)
3) 1sc in first 2st, 2sc in next 2st, 1sc in next 4st, 2sc in next 2st, 1sc in next 2st (16)
4) 1sc in first 3st, 2sc in next 2st, 1sc in next 6st, 2sc in next 2st, 1sc in next 3st (20)
5-8) 1sc in each st for 4 rows
9) 1sc in next 3st then 2tog (16)
sl st next st and f/o leaving a long tail for sewing.
Stretch the muzzle out, stretch it out side to side. The finishing yarn tail should be center at the bottom. I stuffed mine before the next step but do as you feel to.
Whip stitch 2 nostrils in between the 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd row. It's hard to get them to match in size. I found it easier to use a sharp end yarn needle to get the yarn to go exactly where I wanted it. Knot yarn tails inside muzzle when done.
The top of the muzzle is sewn on or about row 8 and the bottom on or about row 12. Pin muzzle in place before sewing, use lots of pins.
Take your time and be sure it stays centered as you sew.
Leave a little gap for stuffing more in if needed. Use a stuffing stick and push the stuffing to the sides of the muzzle so it maintains its shape. Then close up the gap, knot off and hide yarn tail inside the head.

1) magic circle with 6sc (6)
begin with a long starting yarn tail. You can use this later to sew the tips of the ears.
2) 1sc then 2sc in the next st (9)
3) 1sc in next 2st then 2sc in next st (12)
4-6) 1sc in each st for 3 rows
7) 1sc in next 2st then 2tog (9)
f/o leaving a tail for sewing.
Do not stuff ears.
Before shaping the ear, add a bit of blush for added color. This is optional. I used a q-tip to rub the blush on the ear.
Bring the starting yarn tail out between the 2nd and 3rd row of the ear. Pinch the tip of the ear then sew the edges together to hold that shape. Knot off and hide yarn tail inside ear.
Sew ears on before adding the mane.
Top corner sewn in between 2nd and 3rd row and the bottom corner in between the 6th and 7th row. Sew them in line with the arms.

Base of Mane: If you're using multi colors for the mane then use the same color as the body to make the base. If you're using one solid color for the mane then use the same color as the mane to make the base.
1) insert your hook through the top of the head. Pull the yarn through, ch1 then in the same space add 1hdc, then 1hdc in the next 9 spaces down the back of the head, then 1sc in the next space and f/o. Keep your line centered, it's very easy to go off center.
Knot the starting yarn tail off as well when you're done and hide both the starting and finishing yarn tails inside head.


Cut bundles of yarn as pictured. Loosely wrap the yarn around your hand then cut through one end of the bundle. Starting at the bottom of the base, pull each strand through a space in the base and knot each one, make 2 knots and pull tight each time you make a knot.

You can make the mane as full as you want to. For Rainbow Sprinkles, I pulled 1 strand of each color through each space, one at a time, (double knot each one). For Luna, I pulled 3 or 4 strands through. I filled in spaces when I was done if I saw any areas that needed to be fuller.
After I was done Rainbow Sprinkles, I pulled through a few strands of metallic embroidery thread and also a few chains made with the gold thread. Play around with it as much as you want to. Try metallic thread, or sparkly yarn, or bright yellow yarn.
Also be sure to fill in the area around the very top of the head in between the ears. You will have to pull strands through the head itself. When it gets too difficult to pull the yarn through with your crochet hook switch to a yarn needle. Make sure to double knot each one. Pull the knots tight.
When you trim the mane, trim just a little bit at a time. Take your time! It's better to cut just a little than a lot and ending up regretting that you took too much off.


1) magic circle with 6sc (6)
2-3) 1sc in each st for 2 rows
4) 1sc in next 2st then 2sc in the next st (8)
5-8) 1sc in each st for 4 rows
sl st next st and f/o leaving a long tail for sewing. Do not sew the horn in place until you have finished the mane.

This next step is optional:
Chain a long length with gold metallic embroidery thread long enough to wrap around the horn as pictured. You can also wrap the thread without making a chain. Another idea is to use bright yellow yarn.
Wrap in a spiral from the bottom to the top. Pull the chain through a stitch hole, from the inside of the horn, wrap a little ways then go through the surface of the horn, going through a bit of yarn of the horn to hold the chain in place. See 2nd photo below.
I went through the surface on just one side of the horn. This is the back of the horn, you can not see these when you look at the front of the unicorn.
Do this all the way to the top, then bring the chain through the tip of the horn and down through the center. Knot the chain tails together inside. Stuff the horn when done.
To make sure the chain stays in place near the tip, rub a bit of tacky glue under the chain in that area.

Sew the horn in the center and just in front of the mane. Pin it in place first. Knot off when done and hide yarn tail inside head.

Tummy Patch: This is an optional feature and only needed if you will add a rainbow or something else of your choice. I have put the instructions for the rainbow patch on a separate page. Click here to get that pattern.

I'll give you 2 options to make the tail. The 1st option will take longer. The 2nd option is super quick.

Tail Option 1: with same color as body,
1) hold 2 strands of yarn together, ch3 then f/o (pull tight when you f/o). *begin the chain with long yarn tails that you can use to sew the tail to the body.
Cut a bundle of yarn strands, same way you did the mane. Pull each one through the end of the tail and knot off, double knot each strand.

Tail Option 2: the quickest way. If you do the tail this way, do not give the doll to a small child. The strands could be pulled out and become a choking hazard. They will not fall out on their own, but if someone tugged enough on one end, they could come out.

Loosely wrap a bundle of yarn, same way you wrapped for the mane, cut one end. Tie the middle of the bundle, pull tight when you knot off, double knot it. When you sew it to the body, you can leave those ties hang and become part of the tail.

If you find the feet are too round, you can flatten them out by pulling a strand of yarn through the bottom of the foot, up through the top, wrap over a stitch or 2, then back down into the foot and out beside where you first went in. Knot off, pull the yarn tails to suck the foot in then knot off again to hold that shape. Hide yarn tails inside foot when done.

If you would like to turn your unicorn into an Alicorn like Luna, click here for the wings pattern.

 Please post pictures on my facebook page, Amigurumi Freely  I'd love to see it!


  1. All the little colorful details make these unicorns so special and gorgeous. I love your designs.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  2. Where are the instructions to make the body arms and legs?

    1. you'll find the link to it in the supplies list. This pattern is part of a series that uses the same body pattern so that is on a separate post.

    2. I agree where is the pattern for the body,arms,and legs

  3. Hi Sharon, I've tried messaging you via FB but no luck. Was wondering if there was any chance you could make me similar pattern for this unicorn but 20cm height (about the same size as the puppy dogs). Am willing to pay for the pattern as I don't want to go elsewhere for 2 reasons. One - I'm relatively new to crochet and find your patterns very easy to follow and Two - my friend specifically likes your Rainbow Sparkles Unicorn but wants larger version. I would much appreciate it if you could help. Could you reply to my email address which is mybuys@gmx.com so I don't miss response. As I said before I am more than willing to pay for the pattern. My friend would like me to do it by beginning of March so as I'm a slow crocheter I'd appreciate it (if you can do the above) as soon as conveniently possible.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Nicole Tumber

  4. Hello Nicole... I'm not Sharon, but think I have something to contribute that may help you. In the past when I've made patterns such as this and wished to make them larger or smaller, I simply increased or decreased the size of the hook and adjusted the type of yarn accordingly.
    Something else I find helpful, especially if the animal is going to an infant.... I have a supply of inexpensive knee high stockings in as many colors as I can find. After crocheting (or knitting) the major body parts, I will trim a stocking of the appropriate color, and stitch it closed if needed. Then place it in the piece you're working on fill it with your stuffing material. This keeps the little fibers from finding baby's nose and mouth. I also embroider the faces. Not only does this make them so much cuter, they are that much more safe. I dare say I'm not the first person to come up with these ideas but thought I would pass them along... Deb Boinay


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