Sunday, June 14, 2015

Danish Amigurumi Patterns Free Translation Provided by Christina Stjernholm

Mønstrene til Udklædnings-kaninen, udklædnings-grisen, Lille bigfoot aben og den store elg er nu også mulige at få på dansk. En stor tak til Christina Stjernholm for at bruge sin tid og energi på at oversætte dem til os. Tusind tak til dig, Christina, for den dejlige hjælp !

Klik på billederne, for at downloade mønstrene på dansk.

Patterns for the Dress Me Bunny, Dress Up Pigs, Little Bigfoot Monkey and the Big Moose are now available in Danish. A big thank you to Christina Stjernholm for taking the time and energy to translate these patterns for us. Many blessings to you Christina for this amazing gift!
Please note: All these patterns pictured below can be found in English here on my blog. Look to the upper right side of this page for the search bar. Type in "Dress Me Bunny" and also "Dress Up Pigs". Scroll down this page for the Danish translations. Click on each photo to download.

Klik på billederne, for at downloade mønstrene på dansk.


  1. There is no file/pattern for "Udklædningsgris"..

  2. Hey Sharon
    I got a new Free danish Translation for you :)
    It's the Wee Bits Basic Body Pattern :)

    1. oh that's exciting! Is it on your blog or will you be sending me a copy? Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you for helping us with danish patterns, highly appriciated.


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