Cuddle Me Puppy Assembly Instructions

Print off the free written pattern for the Cuddle Me Puppy here


Some people find sewing amigurumis together a bit daunting. I used to as well, I used to dread sewing things together! I enjoy it now. The trick is to relax, don't hold things so tight. Let the yarn needle do all the work. Use pins to hold things in place, use lots of pins when you can. Always make sure you are happy with the placement of things BEFORE sewing. These bigger amigurumis are easier to sew together than the smaller ones, I think so anyway.Take your time and always take breaks when you need them. Enjoy!

There is a full video tutorial that shows you how to sew the puppy together. It follows the same order as the steps written below. I have broken the tutorial down into separate videos.

How to make the toes here
How to sew the paw pads on here
How to sew on the legs, arms and tail here
How to whip stitch the nose onto the muzzle here
How to sew the muzzle on here
How to sew the ears and eyelids on here

1a) Flatten the foot and add the toes before sewing any parts. Cut 2 yarn tails, about 18 inches long or so, the same color as the foot. Thread 1 strand of yarn with your yarn needle, bring one end through the middle circle of row 1 and out through the top of the foot, in between row 16 and 17, and then wrap the yarn over about 4 stitch holes and back down into the foot and out the middle circle, just a bit so that when you knot it off the knot doesn't pull through the circle.

Pull the yarn tails until you have flattened out the foot as pictured. Pull one yarn tail so that it is longer than the other, knot off and hide the shorter yarn tail inside foot.

1b) Use the longer yarn tail to make the 1st 2 toes. Look at the photos, I wrapped the yarn 8 times to make 3 separate toes. The first wrapping is centered to the side of the foot, and see how the last wrapping is directly across the other side. The wrappings in between the first and the last all have about 7 visible stitch holes between them. I wrapped over and in between the 12th and 13th row. Pull the yarn tight to suck in the foot to make each toe, wrap it once more, pull tight and knot off when done each toe to hold it in place then continue on with the next toe. Once done with the 2nd toe I knotted off and hid the yarn tail inside the foot. Use the 2nd strand of yarn now to make the next 2 toes.
(I found it easier to use 2 strands like I did instead of 1 super long one)

1b) Sew the foot pads to bottom of feet before sewing legs to the body. Sew on the little ones first over each toe. Keep the stitches on a slant, on the outside then going under the pad a bit when going into the foot so that you don't see any stitches when done. Sewing around the outside edges will also shrink up the pads a bit as pictured in the 2nd photo below.

1c) Next, sew the large pad on. Stretch it out, side to side before placing on the foot. The finishing yarn tail should be centered at the bottom. The top of the foot pad is rounder than the bottom.
Sew these differently than the smaller pads. I found an easy trick to hold it in place is to add a small bit of hot glue in the middle of the pad, that keeps it from moving around while sewing. If you don't have hot glue use pins or just be sure to hold it and adjust it as you sew around.
Sew around the pad, just on the inside edge of the pad, don't bring any stitches around the outside. This will give you a nice clean finish. Knot off when done and hide yarn tails inside foot.

2) Sew the legs on. The flap of the leg should be fully under the belly. Sew both rows of flap to the puppy so that the flap is completely sewn to the puppy. The legs should fall freely downward when you hold the puppy up and sit easily when you put it down. Knot off and hide yarn tails inside body.

3) Sew the arms on or about row 38 (or 3 rows under the start of the neck). Knot off and hide yarn tails inside body.4) Sew the tail on. I sewed the tail so that it sits to the side. Sew the top edge on or about row 55. Sewing the tail in this position and on this row will help hold the shorts on.
Knot off and hide yarn tail inside body.

5a) Whip stitch a nose onto the muzzle. Pull yarn color of choice through center hole of row 1, wrap it over 3 rows, keep wrapping until you are happy with the size of the nose. Finish off with a straight line, down the middle under the nose, over 3 rows. Knot off the yarn tails inside the muzzle and tuck them inside.
5b) Sew on the muzzle. Stuff up the majority, pushing stuffing into the sides of the muzzle to help shape it more. The top edge of the muzzle should be on or about row 19 and 20 and the bottom on or about row 25 and 26 . I found it easier to add a holding stitch to 4 sides first: bottom, top and one on each side. Be sure the nose is centered before continuing on. Then sew around the muzzle leaving a small gap for more stuffing if you need more stuffing. Use the back end of a pencil to stuff. Take your time! Once you are satisfied you have enough stuffing, sew up the remaining gap. Knot off and hide yarn tail inside head.

6) Sew the ears on or about row 10. Sew them in line with the arms. If you made the ears a different color from the body like I did then keep the stitches as close to or on a slant just under the edge of the ear so that you don't see any stitches. Knot off when done and hide yarn tails inside head.

7a) Sew the eyelids on. The rounded edge should be facing the front of the eye, the straight edge sewn to the head. Play around with different positions, they don't have to be like what's pictured. I sewed mine on a slant for all my puppies. On the grey puppy I sewed the top corner in between the 14th and 15th row and the bottom edge in between the 17th and 18th row.
7b) If you made the patch stretch it out with your fingers to get it flat. Place it just above the muzzle and then determine where the eye should go. If it's a safety eye then now is the time to attach it, be sure to add the felt behind it if you're using felt. Next sew the eyelid in place. Next sew the finished patch to the head. Place it as flat as you can, sew on the inside edge, do not bring any stitches on the outside, this will give you a clean finish. Knot off when done and hide yarn tails inside head.

These eyes look a bit funny on the white puppy as they are not permanently in place yet. I always glue mine in after the doll is stuffed and closed so I can play around with placements.

And you're done! Overalls for the puppy to wear has been posted here.

Copyright 2017 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go All rights reserved


  1. I love your cuddly dog. He has a sweet face and wonderful feet. My compliments for your design and all the work you have put in the pattern and films.

    Have a great day, Margaret

  2. Will be trying this one. Thank you he/she is such a cutie and I know my grandchildren would love one.

  3. Do you have any idea when the clothes patterns for Cuddle me Puppy will be published? She is ready but naked. lol !Love all your patterns. Thank you for sharing ,Ruth

    1. so sorry for the late reply. I already posted the overalls. The link is now posted at the bottom of the assembly page and in the written pattern.
      Thanks for asking and I'm so glad you have enjoyed the patterns :)

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful puppy. I'm almost finished with the sewing, and he is looking fabulous. Sharon any idea time wise when you will be sharing the clothes pattern with us? and a HUGE THANK YOU for all of your creations. If it wasn't for your channel I would not be able to do these wonderful creations. My grandchildren have been loving them. Have a lovely weekend. XXXX

    1. Hi there!

      Yes, so sorry I didn't update this page. I already posted the overalls. The link is now posted at the bottom of the assembly page. I believe I already updated the written pattern, I'll go check.
      Thanks for asking and I'm so glad you have enjoyed the puppy pattern so far :)

  5. hi, can you help me with a few of the stiches?

  6. Please where can I find tutorial to make all the parts before assembly?

  7. I just made the cuddle me puppy. I love the pattern, it is easy to follow. I also watched your videos, thank you so much to take the time to do this for this “newbie”. I made front paws too. I am looking for a shirt and skirt to do for it.

  8. Ty Sharon. U r the best instructor that I've seen. Ur very clean understanding of video's r great. Keep up good work & I'll be watching

  9. Do you have a video tutorial on how to make the body parts before assembly.
    Also do you have any on a plush bunny
    Thank you

  10. Where can I find the pattern for the girls clothes?

    1. there's only a pair of overalls available at this time. I haven't actually designed any girl's clothes.. there was a lady that made this puppy and used a dress pattern she found on raverly but I have no idea which pattern she used for that.

  11. Am I blind? Can't see Instructions for the nose. Please help

    1. scroll up, step 5a and 5b will give you instructions for whip stitching the nose and sewing on the muzzle

  12. Hi! I'm hoping to begin this puppy when my yarn arrives. I see that you have tutorials for assembling all the parts, but was wondering/hoping you have tutorials on crocheting the actual puppy? Thanks so much!

    1. no, I'm sorry I don't but I have videos for other patterns that start the same as this pattern with the magic circle and onto the first number of rows. If you're interested let me know and I can find you a video that will get you started.


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