Friday, November 14, 2014

Amigurumi Christmas in November Album

My Amigurumi are Getting In The Christmas Spirit,

Look how adorable Little Bigfoot Monkey looks in his  new Christmas Hat & Scarf!

I actually never planned this. This is the hat & scarf set that I made for the Remember Me Bear. I was just getting ready to start filming the video tutorials for the bear and accessories when the thought came to me that maybe this set would fit the Little Bigfoot Monkey and wa la!

So I tried the set on a few others...
these are free patterns already available here on Amigurumi To Go! Click
each photo to get to the patterns! And click here for the Hat & Scarf pattern.

The set would probably fit many more of my amigurumi patterns that I have available that I haven't tried yet but I just wanted to give you an example.  Happy Crocheting!!

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Many Blessings to you!

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  1. Wat een schatje! Knap gedaan!
    Grts, Tinne

  2. Hello from Norway! i want to thank u sharon for teaching med how to crochet. I did not know how before i had one sleepless night and found your bigfoot monkey on youtube. Now i have made the big pig with dress, elephant, small and big mouse with cape. I now know how to crochet in english bit not in norwegian. Haha! Thank u, love from vibeke

  3. Hi Sharon: I'm Ellen from Dallas Texas and I'm thrilled to find your website and all of your ADORABLE animal patterns. I have already made the Little Bigfoot Pig and almost finished with the Crochet Along Pig. The Little Bigfoot Pig turned out perfect and looks like the Crochet Along Pig will be just as good. I have so much fun crocheting these little darlings. You are just AMAZING. Every day I look forward to your emails and what surprises you have for your viewing audience. Keep up the good work. I have a decision to make after I finish the Crochet Along Pigs...which one will I make next. Big, big, big decision....

  4. My name is Cara and i just wanted to know is it possible to do these patterns with a different stitch like a half double or a double crochet as i have an impossible time with doing a single crochet

    1. I haven't made a whole amigurumi in hdc so I can't say for sure how it will turn out without trying it myself first. My only concern would be that the stuffing will show through and it might not hold the shape if you crochet on the loose side. But why not try one piece and you'll know better then if it will work. Hope that helps