Abominable Snow Monster Stop Animation

crochet white yeti monster

Bumble the Abominable Snowman,

He's not done but I've made quite a bit of progress since my last post about him. Today I got his face done. I started out with felt teeth but I thought those were too soft for the look I wanted so I gave him a set of polymer clay teeth instead.
Wow, those took me long time to do since I had to cut and shape each tooth, bake them and then glue each one in.
When I was done gluing his teeth in they seemed unfinished so I decided to give him gums ... which was extremely hard to do! Polymer clay will not air dry, you have to bake it which meant I had to squish the clay all around his teeth and up into the yarn then carefully pull it all out but maintain the shape at the same time! It was so tedious! But once they came out of the oven and glued into place it was SO worth it! I am happy.

amigurumi snow monster

Tonight I also put together a short, stop animation film of him walking outside his cave. It's only a few seconds long but a few seconds actually takes about 6o minutes to film! You can hear him walking through the snow while the wind is howling around him.. click here to view on youtube

I'm making Bumble  for sentimental reasons and I want to have him finished before Christmas and it looks like I'll have him done way before then! There's still more to do, like give him claws and a tail but those shouldn't take too long. But for now I'll put him away and say goodnight.. once again I stayed up way past my bedtime...

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  1. You can buy Polymer Clay that Air dries, try it out, I think it will make Things easier. Your work is truly wonderful!

    1. thanks! I'm still a newbie working with clay. I did google it and it said no it won't air dry. Goes to show google doesn't know everything, lol I'll def look into it. I would love air drying clay, the results would be even better I think

  2. Sharon Hobbylobby has air drying clay,and paper clay that also air drys. Both kinds can be painted and sealed with clear fingernail polish.

  3. This is wonderful! I can't wait to make one. :)

  4. I would love to make one of these for my son for Christmas this year. This is one of his favorite characters. Do you have the pattern available yet or one of out famous videos. I love your videos because you make them so a newbie like me can follow.

  5. I so want to make one of these. I loved him so much when i was a kid. I have started making stuffed animals this winter.I am making them foe christmas gifts for all the little kids in my life. I have always done blankets and such. I am wondering if this pattern will be one you post for everyone to try? I love your work and aspire to be able to write patterns as well as you do one day.


  6. fun ! where is the pattern ?

  7. This is a masterpiece, he's wonderful!!!

  8. He is one of my favorite characters would love the pattern and your videos showing how to make bumble. You are so talented and a great teacher

  9. Bumble is so adorable. I'd love the pattern for this.


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